NAU Mediterranean Seafood Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen

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This is the NAU Mediterranean Seafood Restaurantin Playa Del Carmen.

This beautiful open air restaurant on fifteenth Avenue and eight streetwill really surprise you.

To start with they have excellent cocktails which focus on gin.

And their menu is gourmet with a Mediterranean flare with enters starting at just ten dollars.

Here you can find they really focus on quality in everything they do and we really foundthis to be true.

From the moment you sit down where you have olives and yucca chips, tothe quality of the food like these potatoes shots.

There is a little fun in the menu likethis strawberry gazpacho.

This restaurant is great to go for lunch or a special dinner,a romantic time or just to have some great gourmet at great quality prices in Playa DelCarmen.

We generally refer people to restaurants just off fifth avenue because of the exceptionalvalue you get and this restaurant is no exception.

These glorious food pictures certainly willtemp you to eat there but there reasonable prices, excellent service, and nice atmospherewill certainly get you in.

Another great thing about this restaurant is their menu of theday for one hundred and ten pesos.

This is during the week from one pm to four pm.

Thisis also on our lunch specials guide for Playa Del Carmen.

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