My Vietnam Trip: Day 5 ✈ Eating more Vietnamese food ✈ Luna Mach

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Hey guys! So we’re going back to the city this eveningaround 8pm I’m guessing? And so today’s our last day in Ho Phongand I think we’re just gonna go shopping today actually, it’s gonna be good and itwas really cute this morning when I woke up like Andeth’s mom was like “hey what wereyou wearing yesterday? It was really really cute” so I was in theroom and I had to show her how I wore my shirt ‘cause yesterday I wore a long sleeve shirtbut I made it into a dress myself so I showed her how I did that and she loved it and thenshe showed his auntie as well and so it kind of inspired me to make a youtube video onhow to wear a long sleeve shirt in multiple ways which I’ll probably do once I get back to Canada.

So today Leo and Andeth got a phone contractfor 8 dollars for a whole month so yeah they got a phone contract for a whole month andit’s only 8 dollars and in it includes unlimited calling, unlimited texting, and unlimitedwifi or like data so that’s really good, that’s a lot better than Canada for surelike only $8 a month and all of that unlimited really? So this what we’re having for breakfastthat looks like fish sauce but it’s not real fish sauce I think there’s only soysauce and lemon in it and some seasoning.

But it tastes like fish sauce.

And the roll Leo’s is having is also a vegetarianroll and if you look in the inside you can see that there’s no meat in it at all.

They make really good vegetarian food here‘cause there’s a lot of Buddhist people and they don’t eat meat I guess.

Do you like it? And it’s only approximate 20 cents Canadianper roll as well so it’s super affordable.

Hey guys!! So right now we’re eating yellow Vietnamesepancakes and like they’re huge! If you can see how big that is compared toeverything around it.

So yeah it’s $2.

50 cents Canadian for oneof these and it’s humongous and it’s loaded with shrimp and vegetables and meat.

So they just brought clams out and you justeat it with lime and pepper and Andeth is about to have one right now.

Is it good? Yeah it’s good? That’s good.

And then Andeth’s auntie is having vegetarianyellow Vietnamese pancakes and in it has mung beans and a bunch of vegetarian stuff.

So we just bought some ice cream.

Leo got coffee flavoured ice cream and thenI got this one right here and it’s basically it says it’s cereal and green bean ice creamlike mung green bean so yeah.

And Leo likes his ice cream what did you get? Strawberry.

You got Strawberry? And then she got orange vanilla.

So on the package, the ice cream looks reallygreen.

It’s right there.

But when I peeled the wrapper, the ice cream’smore white than green, it’s super sweet but the cereal bits gives it a crunch.

Does yours have a crunch? Yeah? What is it? Is it just strawberry and vanilla or is itcereal too? Mine has cereal in it.

Cereal as well.

Mmm it’s good.

It’s creamy and crunchy and sweet.

The ice cream we just had melted really fastand now we’re in the van again and I don’t really know where we’re going but I thoughtI’d film the outside.

There’s not many street rules over herelike there’s traffic lights and everything but people don’t really follow them.

Also in Vietnam they honk a lot to let youknow they’re close by so that you can move to the side so you don’t get hit and that’swhy we hear a lot of honking right now.

I like how there’s a lot of trees and busheshere though but that’s probably because we’re on the country side.

Hey guys! So we’re on a boat right now to get to ourdestination and if you look above us there’s life jacket and then there’s more boatsbehind me.

Yeah we went to 2 temples yesterday took 5hour drives to get there and back.

And then so we were tired of all the templesso we asked Andeth’s mom not to bring us to more temples but we visited one earlierand now we’re on our way to another temple but to get to that temple we need to be ona boat so here we are.

So we’re a little tired of all the templesright now.

I’m just glad we’re going back to thecity tonight so we don’t have to go to more temples.


Andeth is annoyed too.

We’re at the supermarket! They have so many flavours of Oreos.

Look at this.

They have strawberry flavoured Oreos for like80 cents each like 80 cents for this.

Woaaaah! Look at all these flavours! Ice cream flavoured Oreos for less than $1! It’s so cheap! We’re at Jollibee right now and we justordered peach tea and then Leo ordered a Pepsi.

This peach tea is really really sweet butit’s really good.

I like it.

Andeth’s mom just ordered us thai milk teaand I guess they really like it ‘cause they bought like 10 cups of it.

They haven’t tried it before but since Andethordered one and they tried it they really like it that’s why they ordered the 10.

The 10 cups.

So I got this drink, all of this rice, spaghetti,taro pie, calamari, fried chicken, and Leo’s Pepsi for only $7 in total.

All of this food.

So this is taro pie from Jollibee.

It’s so hot.

It’s kind of sweet but more bland than anything.

It has a really creamy texture.

So for $7 that also includes 2 ice cream conesso we’re gonna go and grab it now ‘cause they told us that after we’re done eatingwe can go up and get our ice cream.

For $7 I’m like super full.

Hey guys! So we’re on the moving bus again where wecan all lay down and we have the whole backside to ourselves which is really nice and we’rejust gonna go back to the city again and hopefully tomorrow will be lots of fun as usual.

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