My Italian Beef Pot Roast ~ Slow Cooker Beef Dinner Recipe

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I call this my Italian pot roast.

A richhearty meal that can be done in the slow cooker or oven.

I'm Tess and welcome tomy kitchen.

I've made this recipe so many differentways over the years.

This Italian pot roast is so rich and satisfying that itwill feed a hungry crew.

It is a great way to use leftoverveggies and you can serve with pasta, rice, potatoes or I've even served over athick piece of toasted garlic parmesan bread.

In my cast-iron pan on medium-high Iam adding some avocado oil and about a 3-pound beef chuck roast.

I trimmed most ofthe outer fat and seasoned the side down with some salt and black pepper.

I'mdoing the same with this side.

I'm cooking each side for about two to threeminutes to get a good sear and lock in those juices.

This will add a tremendousamount of flavor to the dish.

Once each side has a nice crust i'mremoving from the pan and setting to the side.

Remember not to throw away thejuices.

You can find this recipe and a list ofingredients in the description box below.

I'm making this in my slow cooker andcooking on high for about four to five hours but you can also do this in a325 degree oven for about three to four hours.

Just keep checking and basting theroast with the sauce every hour or so.

In my slow cooker I have one can oftomato sauce and crushed tomatoes.

In goes some tomato paste, a little sugar tocounter the acidity, and some black pepper.

And now for my seasonings.

I'madding some Italian seasonings, oregano, basil and a little marjoram.

I reallylike the taste of marjoram with the beef.

A good healthy dose of mincedgarlic and I have some fresh chopped parsley on hand.

This might seem like a lot of seasoningsbut I have a lot of veggies and meat to flavor.

And then goes in my vegetables.

Ihave one very large sliced onion, some roughly chopped celery with the tops andI have some leftover sliced bell peppers, mushrooms and baby carrots.

You can use whatever veggies you like or have on hand.

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Giving that a general but good toss to make sureeverything is well coated.

On top goes the beef roast and don't forget allthose good pan juices! Just going to toss some of the sauce and veggies on top as much asI can.

As this cooks, the roast will cook down into the sauce and eventually willbe submerged.

I will check on it and give it a good stir every hour or so.

And this is the italian pot roast afterfour and a half hours! The kitchen smells amazing! As you can see the roast is doneand falling apart.

Going to take the roast out and let it rest for about 15minutes and we will fix a plate.

Depending on how fatty your beef roastis you may need to skim off some excess fat or you can let this cool, refrigerate and then skim off the excessfat.

You saw how fatty my chuck roast was in the middle and I just had a littletoo skim after refrigerating.

Not much at all.

Serving tonight with rice.

This is aneasy rich and hearty dinner.

I hope you give this one a try.

Enjoy! And thanks so much for joining me herein my kitchen.

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You never know what i might be cooking! Until next time, Much Love!.

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