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Hello my little grand childrendo you know that in iItaly there is something calledPecorino! And this word can be used for two thingsOne of them is an amazing cheese made of pecora that means sheepThe other one it's Pecorina with the "A"I challenge you to go on google Images and write Pecorinaand after you come back here and tell me in a commentwhat did you find, OK? Don't miss the challengeAnyway Do you know that the Pizza is not onlywith tomato, with Mozzarella it can be with many other thingsAnd today we are gonna use exactly the Pecorino! We are gonna make a white Pizzawithout tomato sauce, without mozzarella but with a lot of taste, even betterlet's go and see how we made it! For this white pizza we need mushroomsclean fresh and sliced we need the pecorino cheesethe goods one with the "O" the one that is the cheesenot the other thing that you are gonna discover on googlewe need the Pizza Dough! the pizza dough we madeof course, with the best pizza dough recipe of youtubeclick on top of the video and you will see how good it isthe we need a little bit of oregano and a little bit of olive oilfirst of all we have to prepare our pecorino cheesewe are gonna slice it and then we are gonna cut it into little cubesthat after we are gonna spread and they are gonna melt on top of the pizzawe prepare the pizza dough putting a little bit of olive oilall on top of it i love the smell of the olive oiland then with a brush we are gonna brush it all around the pizzadough look che belloand now, finally, we can put our cheese our cheese on top of the pizzauniformly it's gonna melt it's gonna melt in such a nice way!Can't wait to have it! Really! And after the mushroomswe put a lot of mushrooms we have to be generous with thembecause after, in the oven they are gonna release a lot of waterlike me, when I was 20, In Sicily ohhh you can't imagine what I was doingand at the end a little bit of more olive oil and finally we cook it for 12 minutesin the oven pre-heated at 480 degrees And after, look, this is the resultlook how beautiful And that was the pecorino Cheese pizzamy little grand children Don't forget to give me a LIKEand write a comment down below And don't forget to go on Google Imagesand search Pecorina! OK? HahahaAnd, if you didn't do it yet subscribe to the channel of The Italian GrannyShow Or.

we'll send the Mafia after you!CIAO!!!.

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