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Hello its Kinoshita Yuka (English subs by ~Aphexx~change font SIZE+COLOR+TRANSPARENCY via options menu) So, Today! tadaa.

A viewer living in Vietname sent me all theseisntant ramen, which I'll eat today The person who sent me this is a Japanese girl who is currently workinghard in Vietnam, these are some of Vietnams most popular ramen there's a lot of different kinds here they sort of look like they're made by the same company this one looks like a Pho it says its made of rice noodles its probably Pho, Chicken flavored this one looks like a Yakisoba I've got 5 packs of this so I'll be eating all 5 it says its shrimp flavored.

so looking at the pictures on the package I bought some things that I think will go nicely with these noodle dishes.

alrighty lets get cookin' today's toppings will be.

chicken thighs, shrimp, lemon, and long green onion lets prep these toppings chop up the long green onion cut the lemon cook the chicken meat through looks yummy.

I'll now make these 3 types of instant noodle looks like all we have to do is put them into a bowl and pourhot water over the contents inside the pack we've got some noodles, soup and oiladd the soup and this oil add water then lid once the noodles have softened add the toppings shrimp, onion, and lemon this is pho yup the noodles are a bit different add hot water.

lid chicken, onion and lemon this is some instant ramen that looks like yakisoba start with just the noodles.

add hot water lid and let the noodles cook throughadd the sauces and mix onion, shrimp, lemon, tadaa the dishes are now complete! I have more of this type of noodles so I added all the remainingchicken to it they all look so yummyITADAKIMASU I'm going to go and squeeze all these lemons lets start with this shrimp flavored noodle its a refreshing flavor with a light shrimp flavor the lemon serves to really freshen the taste of this dish and here's some chicke.

wait this is shrimp a piece of shirimp yup it goes great with this chicken tastes great(side note she said Umai, not OISHII) hot noodles brings happiness the onion in here goes nicely with this as well they're using a clear looking soup its a light flavor but it really pairs nicely with the noodleyou can really taste the lemon all done it was a nice light taste with just a hint of spice it was so OISHII next up Pho pho noodles are so pretty they're different from our Udon noodlesthey're clearer / transparent the pho is super flat and since they're made from rice they're a bit on the chewy side this pho is loaded with fragrant spices the soup isn't that strong flavored but its loaded with Umamiand keeps me wanting more chicken meatI love chicken meat the chicken flavor melts into and is soaked up by the soup all done last up is this Yakisoba (fried noodle) this sort of looks like a yakisoba lolwell its not a yakisoba cuz its not fried looks like this they use a sweet sort of sauce its very OISHII the taste of shrimp is very prevalent they must have flavored this with shrimp it had pictures of shimp on it so there must be some shrimp in it this sauce is nice and sweet and really suits my tastebudsit goes nice with the shrimp as well final mouthful itadakimasu gochisosamadeshita this Vietnamese instant ramen was so very yummy the pho and ramen had great light tasting soup they used such different and flavorful spices that were so tasty the yakisoba was on the sweet side and I really like that kind of sweet flavor.

a sunny side egg would have gone nicely all the dishes tasted great wtih lemon it was probably a lime on the pictures.

oh well /Whatevs these were all so tasty if you get a chance give them a tryspecial thanks to the viewer living in Vietnam good luck on your Job in VietnamI'm so thankful that even living overseas you're still watching my videosand as always thanks for watching and if you liked thisvideo please hit the like and sub buttons BAI BAI.

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