[MUKBANG] 10 Packs of Instant Vietnamese Pho Noodles (Chicken Flavored) 4.2kg 2780kcal

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Hey Yall its Kinoshita Yuka (change font sizecolor and transparency via the options menu) So, Today! tadaa! I'll be eating these 10 packsof instant Pho these are Vietnamese in origin and they're chicken flavored.

The noodles are made from rice alrighty lets get cookin' first lets prepare the toppings for the dish cook chicken breast like this and tear with your hands cut cilantro to size chop up some green onion ok the toppings look like this I've got shredded chicken cilantro and some green onion now I'll boil the noodles inside these packs are white noodles like this and 3 sauce packs boil the noodles for about 2 minutes drain the water and place the noodles in our usual bowl then add hot water that will be our broth add the sauce packsthis one smells of chicken then top with chicken cilantro, green onion and then add the other pack that came with the pho add nam pla and chili sauce accoridng to taste tadaa all done lets break out the scale w/o the bowl its 4.

2 kg today I also have some spring rolls prepared as well guys.

earlier a glass fell on my forehead right hereI left it up high on a shelf and when I was opening and closingthe cabinet it fell down on my head well that was my story.

Just ignore the huge swollen bump on my head ITADAKIMASUI believe this is my first time tasting INSTANT pho noodles the noodles are very flat MMMMMMM its slghtly al dente and very slipperyits got that slight hint of rice to the noodle as well.

Delicious the soup tastes a little like chicken and you can taste all sorts of spices its got such a wonderful taste I added some chili sauce and nam pla, they taste greatwith this pho I highly recommend it.

This chili sauce especially if you add too much it might become too spicy for your tastesso be very careful please the noodles are so slippery I'll try one of these spring rolls these are made by m.

These aren't made by me I purchased them the mouthfeel of fresh veg in the spring roll is so awesomealso the sweet chili sauce is so yummy with these the toppings I added the shredded chicken and cilantro taste so nice with the pho.

its so tasty when you add nam pla it gives the soup a saltier flavor and this chili sauce gives it that spicy kick this is the last of the spring rolls all that remains is the soup ohhh.

I added a bit too much nam pla and chili sauce its so spicy well its got a bit of a kick but still yummy gochisosamadesu ahh I did it to myself.

it was pretty spicy it was still very yummy the instant noodles in this pho were very yummy and when you added this nam pla and chili sauce it really made it taste so good also the chicken and cilantro I added were very tasty instant dishes are made so much better when you add extra flavors to them everyone won't you give them a try and as always thanks for watching and if you liked this video please hit the like and subscribe buttons BAI BAI guys can you see this bump right here?.

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