Mrs. Margaret Wright’s Mom

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[NAT PKG] “My mom started working here years ago andI as a little girl would come up here with my mother run up and down the halls.

Pushthe little residents, talk to them.

I’ve learned a lot while my mother worked herefrom the residents and from my mother.

She loved it and I loved it.

” “She passed away here in June in 2015.

Shenever missed a Soul Food and I miss her and she know I love her.

I miss you momma.

” “Soul Food Fest is love and enjoyment foreveryone to come out to eat and we’re celebrating Black History in there.

” “Every year now that we have this I’malways going to think about her because she always tell me you better get my Soul Foodshirt.

” “It’s going to special because I’m goingto look around and I’m going to smile because I can see her sitting over there looking atme and she’d do like this to me (winks) you know.

So it’s going to be and I cansee her sitting there, you know.

My heart be filled.

(tears up)”.

Source: Youtube