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Hi guys, I'm Laura Vitale.

Today I'm goingto share with you how I like to make what I like to call Mexican style street corn,Mexican style grilled corn, whatever you want to call it.

By no means am I saying this recipeis authentic, but I see this all over the restaurants, we love it.

The first time I'veever had it was at a carnival years and years ago and it's very addictive.

So I'm going to share with you how to makeit, or how I make it.

It's easy and simple, but it is just perfect! Okay, before we go through the list of ingredients,we're going to just start with the corn because I need to pre-cook this in some water.

So what I have here are some ears of cornand I trimmed them.

So basically I get rid of any pieces of your husks that are a littlebit brown or that are too thin and I try to get rid of the top little frills here, whateveryou want to call them, just because I feel like I'm just trimming it a little bit, I'mtaking off the outer layers of the husks, so it makes it easier to cook, it makes thewater clear and I also trim them to fit the pan, but you don't want to take off all thehusks, it's important that you don't do that.

So we have that ready, you just need somewater with some salt which is right in there, and I just add my corn right in and all I'mgoing to do is I'm going to turn the water on, I always like to start my corn in coldwater.

We're going to turn that on, I'm going to bring it to a boil, let the corn boil forabout ten to fifteen minutes then I'm going to let it cool slightly and then we'll getto mixing and grilling and doing all that fun stuff! So once my water came to a boil, I just cookedthese for ten minutes and I've just placed them on a baking sheet that I had lined withsome paper towels, because you want to dry them off a little bit and to absorb any excesswater so they've been sitting here for about ten minutes.

Now what I like to do is I like to take apiece of the husk from each one, so one, two.

Trying to take a longer piece, but it doesn'treally matter.

This is fine.

Because I'm going to use this in a littlebit.

Now I have my grill, my outdoor grill pre-heatedto pretty high heat, you want this on pretty high heat.

So I'm going to set these aside.

What I'm going to do now is I'm going to placemy corn as-is, husk and all on my really hot grill, I"m going to give them a turn and grillthem until you've got some beautiful color developing, some charred color all around,and then I'm going to let them rest for a little bit and then we'll get going on smearingthem with the most delicious combination of stuff ever.

And this is what you're looking for, now whatI've done is I've prepped four of my ears of corn, I broke the tip off of this one.

I snacked on it, confession, it is what it is! Now it's really easy to prep them, what you'redoing is basically creating like a handle for your corn, and I just think that it looksmore festive.

All you do is peel back the husk, but not all the way.

And if some of it is really burned, it's kindof just going to break off and that's fine but you peel it back like so, really easy.

Really simple.

The little hairs here, or whatever you wantto call them, they peel back with the husks really easily.

Then whatever's left, you can just peel thoseright off.

And then, remember we took some of these littlepieces of husk, and we just take one of those and you tie them like that! And they stay, so perfect, easy peasy, lovelylovely.

Okay, for the magic that goes on top of this,you'll need several things.

What I have here is some mayo, Mexican cremeor sour creama, or sour cream, whichever you can find, I found sour cream today becausemy grocery store didn't have Mexican crema, but either will do.

So I've got those there, this is some cotijacheese, also you can use grated parmesan in it's place if you can't find it but I do lovethis kind because it has more texture.

Then I have lime wedges, scallions, cilantro,chili powder and some salt.

So, really easy and really simple but so good! To your mayo and crema, which by the way,you can use all mayo or all crema if you want to, I prefer a mixture of the two so you cando whichever your heart desires.

Add a pinch of salt, and you want to do thiswhile the corn is still warm, you don't want it to be piping hot otherwise you won't beable to handle it but you want to do this while the corn is still warm.

I just use a pastry brush because I find itto be much easier.

And you just kind of brush this all over andit almost becomes like glue, if you will, all over the ears of corn.

Just brush it like so on each one.

I like a little chili powder, not much buta little bit of that heat, a little smokiness, really compliments the smokiness from thegrill.

You can do it on a charcoal grill as well.

Then you go in with your cheese.

Now, what you want to do is really make surethat your cheese sticks on there and it will because you've got that mayo mixture.

Once you're done making your mess then I justtransfer these to a clean platter.

You can, of course top these with more cheese,what I like to do is bring more cheese to the table.

I'm going to leave that one behind becauseyou know that one's going to be mine.

I already dug into that one anyway! And then I just like a little bit of springonion action, a little bit of cilantro, you know it's nice it's fresh it's a little bitpungent but not so much that it competes with everything else.

My hands are slightly wet so everything islike sticking to my hands.

Really lovely, really easy but such a showstopperof a recipe.

People love it whether it's for a snack or you want to do it as an appetizeror as a side dish, I mean whatever your heart desires, it'll be perfect.

Then, I like anyway, you may not like butI like, a squeeze of lime.

Like so.

And that's it! Surround your plate with some more limes,I'm going to now sprinkle some cilantro on my personal one because I am ready to diveright in, give me a little bit of lime juice.

There we are! Pardon what's about to go down, because itain't going to be pretty! But it's going to be good! Haha! Do I have anything on my face? I have no idea.

The weird thing is, you wouldn't think thatthey all go together but it's like magic on a new level.

I can't even describe it.

You just have to try this recipe, if you havea different version of this I would love for you to share down below.

I keep staring at this like it's going towalk away.

I would love for you to share down below – I have to go because I can only imaginewhat I look like right now! Go to LauraintheKitchen.

Com to get the writtenrecipe, hope you've enjoyed spending time with me.

I want to look at it and be like 'hello lover!' I'll see you next time! Bye!.

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