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Hello lovely people, we're at The Big Feastival, it's a 3 day food festival that we love We are making a kind of Mexican-ish breakfast A lovely silky omelette with cheese, gorgeous chillies, smashed avocado and crispy little black beans It's going to be delicious, to help me I've got a special guest.

Up you come John.

He-hey, how you doing John Quilter? Really well, really well how are you? Are you enjoying The Feastival? It's been amazing as usual Can we just pound up a load of avocado, I've got a pestle and morta here Cool, you can do it in a liquidiser So Jamie I'm smashing these up, what am I doing next? So I'll squeeze in the lime Really really good, just muddle that around brother, cool I'm going to season that with some sea salt, so that's not guacamole it's just nice creamed avocado delicious but limey I want to show you a little technique that I love, I've got some black beans here now, black beans are the highest protein bean on the planet, okay? Really really good specifically if you're a vegetarian or a vegan, really screaming hot pan, tiny bit of oil if you want to put a little spice on there you can, if you see what's happening in the pan now the beans are just starting to pop, the insides have gone really fluffy, so if you fold that into a stew or a soup or a curry, delicious.

Really really good.

They're like, I guess they're like mini jacket potatoes Yea, absolutely like that.

That's really just simply about texture, so you take something soft and silky which in my experience, people are a bit funny about, now it's popped and it's crispy that's going to eat really really well.

Just chop me up some of those random, just a small amount of coloured tomatoes, dress them basically and then i'll get onto the silky omelette Right so I've finished chopping them up, so I'm going to whack those into a bowl and then how do you want me to dress them? A bit of lime a bit of oil? Yea just very simple basic dressing cool.

let me show you the omelette pan on, get it hot.

Just do 2 eggs per person, beat it up I've got some nice cheese, you can use red leicester, cheddar, whatever you like drizzle of oil, you go straight in with the egg kind of move it around, go over with a grating of cheese and you can mix up the cheeses if you want, if you want a nice melter The minute you start seeing the egg stop being wet like that, you just pull it to the side.

That's what we want that's exactly what we want, so what we're going to do is just angle it and then encourage it just to kind of roll up Let's plate up.


It's so vibrant and fresh isn't it some coriander, for a few seconds just toast up this tortilla and then I'm going to literally take these bits of chilli and just lay them over and of course you've got that little oil there as well you can just put that on there A little tortilla on the side and that my friends is a beautiful breakfast right there Mega, can't wait let's get involved let's do it The way the omelette is rolled up, it's that texture it just gives it something unique It's so good.

Can you see those little lines guys? It's not like a normal-it's just that rolling up's mega I'm going to go again, I'm going to go again That's so good! The omelette rocks, the black beans are mega.

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