Mexican Street Food Crawl in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

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(playful violin music) – [Voiceover] Playa Del Carmen has its fair share of tourist traps and cheesy chain restaurants, but there's side of this town that has some really good local food and I'm gonna find out tonight on a Mexican food crawl.

So our guide Ivan is from this area so he knows everybody, he knows everything, and I know he's taking usto the good spots here.

– He knows what he's talking about.

(laughs) Mexican street tacos areprobably the best thing in the entire country.

You can get them all over the place and really, there's a lotof flavor in these bad boys.


– [Woman] The tacos were delicious.

I like them.

It's perfect for me.

– Every time you sit downat a table in Mexico, you get a plate of different salsas and they usually go from hot, hotter, and hottest.

That is a huge tamale.

I've never seen a tamale that big.

– Every place where we go, the taste is very Mexican.

It's so good.

– Here, we have grasshopper tacos.

– As if the tacos with thegrasshoppers weren't enough, this is escamole, which is giant ant eggs.

So legend has it thatthis is an aphrodisiac.

I'll take two spoonfuls.

Watch out, ladies.

We've eaten a lot of tacos, a lot of street food, a little bit of ice cream.

Now it's time to end thenight at Tequila Town, where, yes, you guessed it right, we're gonna drink some tequila.

– We got a tequila blanco.

(speaking Spanish) – So that is it, my friends.

That was an amazing food tour.

We got to try all sorts of tacos and street food and sweets.

Thank you so much, Ivan.


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