Mexican Spanish vs Puerto Rican Spanish I. (feat. Diana from Speaking Latino)

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Hello everyone.


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I'm Omar.

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And she is.


Nice to meet Diana.


I'm from Puerto Rico, but I live in Maiami.

I am Diana Knight and I have a blog with my husband.

It is called Speakinglatino.

Com And blogueamos on Spanish, colloquialisms, differences between Hispanic countries For me it is the most fun of Spanish, see how different it can be in each country.

It's what we do.

So today we'll make a video of Spanish puertoriqueño against Mexican Spanish.

Let's look at some of the words that are different in both countries and see why they are different.

The first word is shoelaces.

Agujetas in Puerto Rico are gavetes.

I amarro the gavetes shoes.

Ok, that would mean nothing to us.

How about shoelaces, says something? To me it sounds like hole but not a word that never would say.

And here, especially in Guadalajara we would not say tying shoelaces, but rather button.

I say tie.

Although brooch buckle come.

In Puerto Rico we say tie.

It is the same word for buttons? yes.

Another word we could use to shoelaces is "tapes".

It is a little old.

I said it as a child.

Gavete reminds me gavinete.

So think, what are you talking about? Which brings us to the word drawer We say drawer.

The desk drawer, or if a piece of furniture in your room, the dresser drawer.

We could call or dresser drawers.

How call nightstands? The two tables on the sides in a room.


Está your bed and two tables on each side.

He bureau.

The big one is a powder room.

We say nightstand.

Apachurrar (crush) Espacharrar in Puerto Rico.

It is very similar.

For example, you might say "I do not espacharres" Acha pa 'lla! I do not espacharres.

We swam in a pool.

We say pool.

The most common word is a pool, but we understand pool.

Ball, or ball.

If sports is ball, if it's like the beach it is a ball.

We say ball.

For any sport, and for ball basketball is basketball, baseball ball, all are balls.

Beach ball.

We just say to the bowling ball.

But Ball could also be a group of people.

Ando with the ball.

And if it's something round and hard is ball.

And some people use ball for pesos.

How much is it? Five balls.

My dad says a lot.

For gurpo of people who said we say corillo.

How a small choir.

Ball is more impersonal, but more specifically could say the band.

I would say my friends.

Many people say pa band as the band passes, means to share with your friends.

Corillo is an expression like when you get to where your friends are and are the last to arrive say: That's the attitude.

Trash can.


It is a very special word of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

I had never heard that word.

I think that describes a person.

Where does that word? There are two theories.

Many believe it is an anglicized can safty.

But some say it could not be, because zafacón is written with Z and can safty is with S It is a very drastic change.

The other theory is that it comes from an Arabic word.


And that is a container.

Makes sense.

It is the one that makes more sense.


We have many words of Arabic, so it could be.


Ah, like a sack of potatoes.

It is a bag.

Saco here is the top of a suit.

No, that's a jacket here.

Jacket for us is like a casual jacket and light.

We say Jaquet, or abrigo.

Usan shelter for all? Yes from a light to a heavy coat jacket.

How they would wear a coat if you go to the US in the winter.

We use coat for something heavier, as if very cold.

To a trench coat trench coat we say.

That's new for me.

How you to jeans or jeans tell them.

? Maon.

Here if I want to say denin strawberry sound.

Or jeans.


No, for us ordinary word it is manoes.

And if it's a denim jacket? It would be a jaquet of Maon.

It's good to know.

The word denim means something to you? No, it's just something mixed.

Because it sounds to mix.

Thank you very much Diana.

It was a pleasure.

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Thank you very much for contacting us to make this video, it was fun.

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