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When you're on line, you do social media.

That's what social media is for, right? For standing in lines.

Very long lines.

So this is a mashup of Guisados and Badmaash, two very popular restaurants in Los Angeles.

They're combining forces for one dish, and we're going to taste it, I heard it's very spicy.

Okay! Here we are, front of the line, happening! We got the juice, baby! They got the juice.

You heard it here first.

So we wanted to showcase the similarities between Indian and Mexican cuisine.


And we thought we'd serve a papri, or a tostada.

With a Goa Pork Curry or Carnitas Picante.

With a crema or raita.

Some pickled onion, and a little bit of marigold.

Flowers! Little bit of marigold love up top.

How special is this, thank you guys! Please enjoy.

I don't know what it is but it's hot.

And so good.

I feel so culinarily confused right now.

I definitely taste all the Indian flavors,and all the Mexican flavors, and there's flowers on top.

It's filled with flavor, so much flavor.

Mymouth is confused but happy.

It's been about five minutes since I've hadthat Indian Taco, I need something to cool my mouth down.

It's still on fire.

I don't know if this is trash, or if thisis a cooler filled with water.

It's water? Great.

Good, I'm going to stick my hand in it.

It was worth it.

Source: Youtube