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Hello everyone! I am Lora Yourbanclash magazine.

We live in Oaxaca, in southern Mexico.

And today I want to welcome you to our Mexican cuisine! Tour our Mexican cuisine Since I arrived in Mexico three years ago I had to adapt to a culture and way of life very different.

One of the things that struck me was the kitchen.

So today I'll share five unusual things I found in our Mexican cuisine when I arrived! As should know, water is undrinkable in Mexico.

So you have to be careful when cooking and disinfect fruits and vegetables well.

Something I still not used is to wash the dishes with bleach.

In all Mexican kitchens will find a container of chlorine dissolved in water.

Note that the furnace is different.

It has a comal.

A dish to warm tortillas and tostadas.

and maybe make some quesadillas or tlayudas.

Speaking of tortillas.

There are always plenty of tortillas, tostadas, tlayudas and bread in this house! They bring more and more every day and they forget what it was the previous day! Who can with as many carbs?!?! Here are the typical corn tortillas.

These are whole wheat tortillas.

These are called crispy toast.

And these are called chips.

They are in the region of the Isthmus of Oaxaca.

If you want to make a video of different types of tortillas in Mexico, I can write in the comments below or put a "like" in this video.

It's almost lunchtime, so I'll cook something while I make this video.

I hope you do not mind.

Also, if you want to cook something in the oven.

Surprise! There are always things stored in there! Finally, this might not be a Mexican cuisine without chili! We have different types of chiles.

dried chiles.

Canned chilies.

Different types of salsa.

Chiles in Vinegar.

And of course.

The special sauce Grandpa! This is only for the brave! It was all for today! I hope you liked our Mexican cuisine! If you like this video, please give us a "like"! And subscribe to our channel! And if you want to do a video about a specific topic, please write in the comments below! Bye! It's time to eat!.

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