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Hey, I'm chef Tom with All Things Barbecue and today we're bringing you our take on the bacon wrapped Mexican hot dog.

(swish) (plop) (dripping) (splash) So the bacon wrapped hot dogis a Mexican street food.

Typically the hot dog iswrapped in bacon and deep fried and then served on a steamed bun.

It's served with a multitude of toppings.

Everything from beans to onions, peppers, mayonnaise and mustard.

Today we're taking some creative liberties and we're gonna do it our own way.

The main difference beingthat instead of a bun we're gonna use a quesadilla.

The sausage we'll be using today is a Creekstone Farms uncured pork frank.

Of course we've got someclassic sliced bacon.

Our tortillas and pepper jack to put our quesadilla together.

And then a handful of toppings.

Today we're gonna makea chipotle mayonnaise, some bread and butter jalapeno pickles, fresh cilantro and Cotija cheese.

Now before we prep ourhot dogs, we'll go outside and turn our cooker on to 350 degrees.

While the grill warms up, let's start wrapping our hot dogs with bacon.

To ensure the bacondoesn't fall off, we use toothpicks to attach it ateither end of the hot dog.

Next we'll assemble our quesadillas.

We'll cook these right there on the grill right next to the hot dogs.

We'll take our bacon wrappedhot dogs out to the cooker now.

Place the hot dogs onthe main cooking grate of the Yoder Smokers YS640, but it is set up for indirect heat.

Feel free to flip androtate your dogs as needed to make sure that theoutside browns up evenly.

In the meantime, we can mixup our chipotle mayonnaise.

We'll simply combine acup of prepared mayonnaise with the juice from a small canof chipotles in Adobo sauce.

Now we'll whisk it together.

Now that the bacon's nearly cooked, let's throw thosequesadillas on the grill.

We'll give them a flipto crisp up both sides and then we're done.

Now with the bacongetting nice and crispy, and the internal temperatureof the dog at 160 degrees, we can remove the dogs from the cooker, wrap 'em in the quesadilla, and start adding our toppings.

So there it is, the baconwrapped Mexican hot dog.

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