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snacks for Mexico snacks from Mexico hello guys today i have a fun video i'mso excited i have been looking forward to doing this video for a little wellnow if you have been watching my vlog that you know that I always find myselfand the specialty food section of stores I just love specialty food if you listento my podcast you know that as well I have a long history with specialtyfood I blogs or all non-business personal butwhen I go shopping and I bring you guys along it seems like in every video I stoppedby the specialty foods section of every store so with that said you guys knowthat I have a love for food though I wanted to make this video so that Icould share snacks with you guys snacks sweet food from all over theworld that maybe you have never tasted definitely atoms that I haven't tastedso that we can experience them together how fun is that I am nervous thoughbecause i am very picky about what I eat and I don't eat a lot of things but i'mexcited to try things from all over the world and experience it with you guys let's get started I have for now i havefive items today for snacks and one soft drink let's see what I should try first ok so I'm going to start with somethingsweet ok so here i have these are called submarine nose like submarine again andwhat they look like if you can see that it looks like astrawberry filled twinkie so a twinkie but instead of having the vanillafeeling it has a strawberry it's called for this up strawberry inspection let's open thesethey look delicious from the packaging and they're not thatexpensive there's two in here so let's open them so like matter son yeah you know how they use thatartificial like strawberry or cherry flavor to light they add that to medicine it smelledlike vitamins that's not good that's not a goodbeginning but here look there individually wrapped their own it so you don't have to be a pig both homebut you could if you want it anyway so here's one it was just like a Twinkieand I see it's just like a Twinkie these are made in mexico it says on here product of Mexico ok let's open one ok this is no bad now it doesn't smell likevitamins anyone okay they're squishy is just like it Twinkie but even has the little holes at thebottom you have the twinkies have the little holes where they put into it thesame damn thing ok it smells good you so get here again I just had taste the center of a totalTwinkie knock off i would give these guys two and a half million heads there okayokay item number two these are like little cookies they saythey have their chocolate coating with a marshmallow filling and strawberry jelly oh my god when I saw these i was soexcited because i love marshmallow filling and I love chocolate and I lovestrong strawberry jelly so it's over the gap is also a product from Mexico todaywe'll do a Mexico don't forget smells smoothest most chocolaty at a goodchocolate smell so it looks like it's really nice all right cut it open so you guys cansee the inside just like advertised as chocolatestrawberry jelly and the marshmallows good they're good for like a second but it islike the flavor does that I don't know they're good i guess the flavors are notmaybe the marshmallow overpowers is like once you start to it like themarshmallow overpowers believe it or not the chocolate and the strawberry fillingthey're good it's not a cookie it's just amarshmallow strawberry jelly covered treat i would give this 3 million heads get our people seat bolts is where itsays they're hot I'm nervous this one I'm nervous aboutthis one because hot stuff i'm adding their white guys are hotcheetos here in the US let's see oh whoa whoa inside I smell corn and hot what is in here smells like Cayenneright it doesn't say what I definitely smellcayenne and corn okay ooo they're really really skinny look like a little sticks mmm the tix ok ready 1 2 3 gum they're not hot at all that'sdisappointing oh they're fine but you're not hot atall how disappointing you like spicy stuffdon't try this because it doesn't like where's away really fast you have to eat this whole pack to getsome kind of spiciness going on in your mouth maybe because they're so can I like thisitty-bitty ok then compared to hot cheetos hot cheetos are the best ok i would give one and a half justbecause it doesn't really taste like anything maybe because they're so smallone and a half billion nets and here's another one you guys this is hammeringon a spoon with something on top they're hot they're hot and i have aratio of camera let's try the ingredients are that ok up that's what those chips are getting tome ok ingredients are pretty simple corn syrup cayenne pepper citric acidsalt and artificial flavor ok baby comes with incomes of the wheelsspinning can you see that there are kind of tiedtogether let's get one out whoa ok the potty and help it's a hottie everybody get the phone look how cute spoons for everybody there's two spoonsin little plastic wraps with rubber bands hottie ok but some of these guys down so let'stake the rubber band off well one rubber band all oh wait just take a look – how cute are the N on down okay look opening this guy is sticky who what I love tamarin purple I've never had spicy would like I seeflakes of something cayenne pepper is what i see in thereyou see it on the side and make it better ok the texture is squishy just like i would expect because Cameronor in Spanish I my needle is a squishy ok I love her oh my god you going when I bought the girls like okay here'sthe one thing for one item that I am nervous about because I've never hadCameron which is sweet with something that like a cayenne pepper which isobviously spicy but this shit is good Oh God best surprise ever i'm going to give this 5 out of 5 Vivian head we got this shit is good it wassurprising and oh my god i will finish these are mine I will finish all these multiples ok I'll good stop obvious winner today yeah try these are good last but notleast the drunk here it is folks can see it then griyanon-alcoholic made in mexico carbonated beverage I've never had sangria in my life fromwhat I understand it is an alcoholic drink so when I saw this I thought cool try it I got my cup with ice it's called I kept in the fridgeovernight let's pop this bitch open oh come on oh you terminated all right we got it excited that it's not like anything kind of looks like cherry coke got mynails are jacked up i gotta do one day today ok ready here we go one two three go nothing with a sale today this is really good guys got it oh my god you guys got to try this it'sreally good it's not too sweet I don't know what a real sangria tasteslike so I can't compare it to that but it is really nice I picked amazing things this drink isgoing to get five out of five Vivian heads because this food well itwould have gotten six heads if it had alcohol in it but it doesn't is stillgood oh my god so Boone thank you so much you guys for watchingand exploring these snacks and sweets and drinks with me today I'm coming backwith more this was so much fun and I love trying all these things out withuse a week and experiences together do not forget to give the video a thumbsup I need to know if you like this kind of video because i had a blast I want to know if you enjoyed it alsosubscribe to the channel so that you can see when I bring more I have next on my list I have Germany elsalvador brazil china the pan those are five that i already have on mylist of next video like this and I want to make so i will be hunting for snacksand sweets and taste for you guys I'm so i'll see you next time up.

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