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but i thought i saw in the store like abig chunk of chocolate no you don't make that shit up oh burn my damn throat treats for Mexicofirst thing we're going to try or these chocolate and pineapple rolls I guessit's like a little paint that was rolled up and has pineapple filling inside andthat is what i'm most excited about I got the microwave you can microwavework right here my boys going because we also have this Abuelita nestle hot chocolate mixmexican-style students the microwave wherever it is right there right rightnext to me it's done that's my mail gets ready forour drink we can't have our hot chocolate without first having a littlekind we're going over the edge and I'm really excited about that Castle chocolate they look like there's two of them itlooks like the pineapple out of these guys oh I love pineapple and chocolate that'ssuch a great combination but that's what it looks like here let's cut it in halfand the inside and it's just a chocolate cake it does a white feeling and then apineapple filling as well why do small just like a chocolate cake I don't face pineapple I've been wronged me as a great cake andit's a great vanilla filling but I don't taste pineapple at all not even a littlebit maybe the chocolate overpowers it but I the pineapple with loss they may be it is all way out no what along while what a disappointment I was so lookingforward to those two so I'm going to get this guy to videonext item are these little another cake but this one has a look at donut itlooks like those long day cream filling inside its chocolate cream filling greenfield sweet roll that's all truebut not to the point that it doesn't look like a doughnut yeah smells really nice actually oklet's break it in half what it looks like nie hey that's a nice feeling in there they did not give us the breadth of theseem very fresh stone I don't know chocolate I just smell likethe bread it kind of tastes like a donor thechocolate icing on the top and the feeling inside definitely takes like a DOTA but thebread seems old for that I'm going to have to deduct some Vivianheads so i'm going to give this guy to video heads and let's try some punch or mexican style oh yeah back I have five Indian mug it says vivienneheads there is a link down in the descriptionand as one ball one i also am wearing my born in Puerto Ricot-shirt you guys are loving this shirt because alot of you guys have purchased it so thank you for those of you that havepicked one of these born in Puerto Rico shirts if you'd like what there's also a link down below we'll getyou one ok so i have my hot milk in here and Ithink it's just like any other like hot cocoa right like a little camp let's see someone left me comments atthis stuff with you it was like cinnamon is that whatmexican style is let's see where this is going here makesmix mix mix mix me hurry up okay i want to burn myselfsmell nice yum God really hot you're ready you know I smell cinnamon I don't taste it taste like just regularhot chocolate oh no it's hot I don't taste thecinnamon anymore if you have I know that these are littleinstant packs but if you have had yet to demand your look cinnamon sticks but i'll take thecinnamon in this guy I don't know what putting it in these little individualpaths it doesn't taste like the original if your original come back in a I don'tknow what I'm talking about i'm down but i thought i saw in thestore like a big chunk of chocolate now we're gonna make my show oh burn mydamn throat if you've had this chocolate before tell me if you did this taste thesame as you like the traditional way that you would make it if I haven'ttotally invented that in my own little head but it's not bad it tastes reallyreally nice I just wish I could taste a little bit more of the cinnamon I wasreally excited about that but he's not mad so I'm gonna get thisguy or million heads our next item is a lollipop right marshmallow marshmallow chocolatecovered lollipop and it looks again the face there you know it never looks like the picturewhen I open this is going to look like something crazy ready to rip up what's allowed unveilingready find out so crushed but I was like oh Ihate that smell I've smelt this before and somethingelse we had a Mexican taste test but it smells like chocolate with a littlespritz of insect spray sorry about it that's what I smellthere's a big fluffy piece of marshmallow inside my life I'm going about the chocolate.

i thinkthe chocolate is weird it has a funky taste i'm going to tryone of these eyeballs actually the eyeballs better than theactual Marshall I've always pretty good base hit by twovery kind of like that I killed him so I'm going to give thisguy to the last item and walk I don't know what it is like it I'll be part of the rock of ages pieces it's a coconut candy winding around why not white and my scissors don't fromthe world don't run carrying their lives from a lot curl alive wait doesn't smell likeanything it's like little mounds a little stackof coconut how exciting why is there my paperthere's like wax paper to me you read the paper on things now I thinkyou peel it off let's see oh that paper is not comingoff am I going to look like a dumb on theinternet even this shit up with paper on it oh well I think I did it for one of myprimary go taste test – okay okay we got two little mountains here its most goodit's like coconut has a really nice roasted caramelized coconut and sugarsnap delicious okay i need the paper oh and so hard that was delicious it took me thirty seven minutes tochoose this thing because it's so hard oh but it's so worth it i'm going togive this guy five video had alright guys that is it for anothertaste of i hope that you have enjoyed this video if you have to give it athumbs up that way i know that you are enjoying these videos in the commentsbelow let me know what country or what cool and interesting products you guyswant me to do next thank you so much for your support ifyou're new to the channel subscribe if you want to continue watching thesetypes of taste test I'll see you guys next week bye I still don't hear what the hype isabout those Jaffa Cake major ok.

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