MEXICAN FOOD AT GUSTO TACO!! — 구스토타고에서 멕시칸 음식!!

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Hey! Today we're going to eat Mexican food Actually I've not really eaten Mexican before That's right So today we came to a Mexican restaurant in Seoul As for myself I've eaten at other Mexican places in Seoul I really like Mexican food so I really wanted to find a good place And in my opinion this Mexican restaurant is the best in Seoul This is my first time since 2012 So shall we take a look? Let's go! So the boss here told us the pork tacos and the cheese nachos are must-haves I'm looking forward to it Looks so good! Here are the pork tacos Here's Gyeongjin's first Mexican food It's so good! The onions give it a little bit of crunch It's seriously good It's not like a hamburger or anything like that Delicious I want to eat like this every day You wanna eat tacos again sometime? James don't eat my tacos It's really good The sauce I can't easily describe it That sauce You need to come for this sauce Seriously good Let's go for another bite Mine! What?! You're stealing it from me? Looks good You've eaten nachos before right? Not like these ones So good! I want to live here You want to live here? In fact this taco bowl is as big as my head On top of the nachos we have cheese tomato some tasty sauce and I saw some jalapeños too Let's eat Also the bowl is a nacho Look you can eat it Kind of interesting right? So the bowl is also made of nacho So through eating here Korean chefs can learn something Why is it that when you eat Korean food you can't eat your chopsticks? Can't they just make them with noodles or something? Pretty darn good right? I really liked those tacos So I recommend those If you're hungry, really hungry the taco bowl You get a lot for your money And it's good tasting stuff So today That's all for today See you!.

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