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– Welcome to the first SORTED video of 2016 and we are starting as we mean to go on with great food and less than average company.

[ALL] Happy New Year Salutations – They've still got lids on! * SIGHS * – Pie Time! – What you have is a Mexican-inspired chicken pie.

– I like the use of the word inspired.

– Guys, this is a killer, killer pie.

– Help yourself to greens.

– That is Salsa Verde [ALL] – Mixed in green sauce? – Gents, dig in! – That is really good.

– I usually expect to tuck into a pie and be instantly full because it stuffs you, That's really refreshing – The first thing that hits me is the pastry – We need a 'Pust' for our 'Crie' – Our pie crust is beautifully unique but very very simple The same method as normal except we're using cornmeal instead of flour and some spices.

All you need to do is take you plain flour and cornmeal place them into a bowl, mix them together and then rub in your cold salted butter and at this point you can add in all of your spices as well a little bit of salt and sugar and then paprika and white pepper If you want al of the weights and measurements, hey guess what.

? – Down below! – So I'm using the crumb technique here Ben – And you're better off just using your finger tips because your palms are very hot and you don't want to melt the butter you just want to form a breadcrumb-like consistency.

All nicely crumbed.

Next in, some vinegar, one cracked egg and then just enough water to bring it together.

You won't need all of this but a little bit at a time until you have one dough.

And once your got your pastry made flatten it out a bit, wrap it in cling film and put it in the fridge to rest and then you can make your filling.

A filling in this case is an onion, 2 cloves of garlic and chilli sweated off in olive oil and then we're going to hack up our chicken thighs, removing all of the skin, sinew and any bone.

– To make the sauce for our pie, once the chicken thigh has been seared off in the pan; with the onions and garlic and chilli, then go in with flour and cumin.

What that will do is form, basically, a roux around all the chicken, and then like a white sauce instead of adding milk we're going to add chicken stock.

As if that's not enoughonce all of the sauce is cooked out it's finished with some of out green Salsa Verde; and a whole bunch of cheese grated in and the juice of a lime.

So when you said it was "fresh".

it does have that richness of cheese but the lime just kind of brings it to life – Cuts through – I really like it, I know I had a part involvement in making it but it is delicious.

– I had this for the first time in Chicago – Which is nearer to Mexico than we are [Laughter] "Yes" – But they had a chicken tomatillo pie and I have to be honest I hadn't got a clue what tomatillo was;but they're incredible.

– And for a stroke of extraordinarily good luck the tomatillos that we'd ordered that hasn't turned up in time for the recipe turned up half way through the recipe.

So we were able to make two salsa verdes;One traditional and one UK based.

{"YEEAAAH!"} Tomatillos – For our salsa verde you will need;2 tbsp diced onion, 3 large, interchangeable, green tomatoes or tomatillos; depending on what turns up when, some coriander, garlic, dried oregano and cumin; splash in 200ml of water and let bubble for 20 minutes.

And then blitz it up in a food processor into a salsa This is our UK based salsa verde with green tomatoes.

– Its a really clean flavour- Fresh – Now I want you to try the one from this bowl – It's deeper – There is a depth there isn't there- It's butchier And for that reason that's the one that we used in our filling.

– Now I must say, this side is exceptional; it's fresh, it's tangy – It's winter greens – Our side dish is just going to bea whole bunch of greens like; the collard greens of chard or spring greens or winter greens, whenever finely sliced up and sautéed off in a very hot pan with fresh corn stripped off the cob A little pinch of salt and pepper and a squeeze of lime is all needs as a side dish We're also going to put some of that into our pie filling.

– Take your pastry, two-thirds of it, and roll it out on a flowered surface untl it's fairly thin and then roll it in to whatever you are going to cook your pie in.

Either a loose bottom cake tin, so you can remove it completely or just a big chunky thing like this and we'll serve it like that at the table.

Then put your pie filling in, before rolling out your last third and placing it on top.

– Emma Louise Kennedy asks:'what pastry is best for chicken pie? – This one obviously.

– Well, there you go – It does vary, if you are doing a pot pie with just the lid on top, puff pastry all the way – She said she loves puff – But if you are doing sides and a bottom then puff is no good because it's got nowhere to puff – This is a short crust pastry – I tell you what, if you want other pie ideas click in the 'i', there's loads of pies out there – That is such a cop-out.

Now they are there you might as well do it – When your pie is filled and topped you need to brush it with beaten egg for a glaze and then put it into an oven 200°Cand it'll need about 40-45 minutes then take it out and give it 20 minutes, or even half an hour to begin to cool You want it not piping piping hotjust hot.

– Boys, you seem to have done an exceptional job – I can't fault it, honestly, that is a perfect pie – Oh Yes! – Let me get a question Hannah Lucey: If you had to live in one TV show which one would it be? – I'd say[Obscure/Mumbling] Where you can learn to work and play; listen to your hear listen to the beat, listen to the rhyrmn the rhythm of the street I could go on.

But yes, Arthur would be the dream place to live.

– You know there are no humans in Arthur? – It's because it's a simple message that comes from the heart; believe in yourself because it's the place to start.

– Let's not reference that, let's pretend that didn't happen – We'll not even dignify it with an answer – I would like to live inside The Fresh Prince of Bel Air – It does feel like you'll be going form one Carlton to another though [Laughter][Outro Music].

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