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I mean feel free to take one with usif you also hate yourself! I didn't even finish talking! Sean: Everyone always has a horror storywhen it comes to shots.

Sean: That one shot that makes them sick just thinking about it.

Sean: I'm here to try every single one of them.

Sean: I'm Sean, and I'm gonna find the Worst Shot Ever.

If you keep the vomit horizontal.

It struggles going vertical.

Jesus Christ.

Sean: So we are back in Slip Bar.

They found some more trash in the trash cansto put in a shot glass for us! Today's bartender is Regina! Hi Regina! All: Nice to meet you.

Sean: What is the name of this.

Hot garbage? Regina: That's a good name! It's called the "Mexican Candy Shot.

" Rudy: I've had one of these before, and I'm not looking forward to it.

Regina: It's supposed to taste like the Mexican lollipopthat everyone gets.

I'm not a fan but- Sean: Oh you've tried it?Regina: I have tried it, yeah.

Regina: I'm not a fan of the hot suace that goes in it.

Sean: Who do you make this shot for? I had a couple regulars come in the other day and ask for it.

Sean: I'm afraid to ask.

I don't know if it's okay for me to ask.

Were they "fans" of Mexican candy already? Regina: Yes.

Sean: So they're Mexican?Regina: No.

Regina: I don't know, I didn't ask them.

Sean: That's fair, you probably shouldn't.

Sean: Well, let's see what this does to our bodies! Regina: So rim a shot glass with lime,and then roll it in tajin.

Rudy: So far I'm on board!Lime and tajin.

Regina: Watermelon Pucker and well tequila.

Always delicious.

Sean: Oooh! Rudy: Can we get a nice pour of the well tequila?Regina: Oh yeah, here's a little extra for you.

Sean: I knew it! I knew that wouldrear it's ugly face at some point today.

Sean: 3 shots in and that's when the hot sauce shows up.

Rudy: At this point I'm just going totallyself-inflicted harm.

Rudy: We're about to go on Montezuma's Revenge right now.

Sean: It looks really nice, but Iknow it's not going to be nice.

Regina: Alright, cheers! Rudy: How much of the rim are we licking off? Sean: Let's lick it all! Rudy: I feel like you can do half the rim,shoot it, other half the rim.

Rudy: That feels like a good equation for this.

Sean: Alright! See you on the other side.

Rudy: Look at how clean your rim is! Rudy: Mine is dirty.

Sean: Oh, the shot glass.

Got it.

Sean: I was gonna say, I wipe every time.

Rudy: I'm gonna give that a hard 3.

Out of 20.

Sean: I don't know how it's doing it, but this shotis somehow fighting through my heart burn medication.

Sean: It's just, "Nah, nah, f*** your heart.

" Rudy: Get that out of my face.

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