Mexican Baked Sweet Potato – Vegan / Starch Based

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Hey hello from the Happy Earth Kitchen.

I’m going to prepare a nice warm gluten free Mexican meal today.

It's a gluten free meal.

It doesn't contain any tortillas or preservatives.

The basis is a nutrient-dense sweet potato, which we will roast and fill with Mexican style black beans.

After rinsing well, we’ll going to stew it with onion, garlic, pepper.

I’ll dare you to use jalapeño peppers, this one is just a regular green pepper and some spices like cumin, coriander and chili.

And then we’re going to top it off with coriander and other green herbs.

And of course the indispensable avocado and lime.

Let’s get started.

A bit of the potato.

Some beans.

A bit of this.

Try it.

Very good.

Source: Youtube