Mexican Americans: Have you ever been to Mexico?

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Yeah Only, a couple times But it was, it was in Ensenada Yeah, something like that Have you ever been to Mexico? Yes Do you ever visit Mexico? We own property here in Baja which is not necessarily where my hometown is where my hometown is, we have no relatives now Our latest relatives that used to live, back where we are from are now residing in the United States So we really have no, ties to where we are from originally Does that make you sad, or? No, not at all I'm actually It's a great thing that we live in America It's the country we all dream of Borderline Mexico Tijuana.

Mexicali San Felipe Have you ever been to Mexico? When I was little, yeah Yeah, were you born here or there? I was born here No No? Do you have any interest in visiting Mexico? No Well, hell, we went up there for vacations and stuff You know, we had a lot of fun, we enjoyed We went to shows We experienced different How would I say it Different people that do different things than they do here and the food was good They always had good food Is Mexican food different in Mexico than it is in America? Say it again Is Mexican food different in Mexico than it is in America? It used to be But now, it is more like More like here I guess, they got together I remember when I used to go to school and I wouldn't dare take a burrito with me we used to take when it was raining, we used to take a burrito and we used to hide to eat it you know we were kind of We were kids, you know we were kind of bashful That whites were eating ham sandwiches Until one time This guy saw me, his name was Byron I never forgot his name His name was Byron And he asked me, what are you eating? and I just looked at him I said, well its called a burrito with beans and cheese and he says I'll trade you for a ham sandwich Right now, I said After that, he wanted one every day You know, I never forgot that, his name was Byron Nice guy And after that, years later That was when all the Mexican food and Amerian food got together Here we are Now what is it here All there is, is Mexican food Italian food, It's the League of Nations again All kinds of food here now And you don't have to hide.

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