Mediterranean Dinner Recipe

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Hi, welcome to our cleanfoodies channel myname is Orly, and I'm going to show you how to make 1 ingredient tortilla, it's goingto be made solely from oats, and this is going to be a part of a very light dinner I'm goingto show you all the ingredients you need for this light dinner, so the first thing we aregoing to do is actually make the tortilla for the tortilla we need equal amounts ofquick oats gluten free, and water, we want the water to coat the oats, like this, andwhat we are gonna do is we are going to add some salt, we are going to mix it well, andwe are going to let this mixture rest for about 10 – 15 minutes, while it's restingwe are going to make our oriental super fine salad, for this we will need small cucumbers,tomatoes, red onions, and we will need lemon and some olive oil, I'm going to cut everythingreally really small so to cut the tomatoes I'm just going to cut them to two, I tookoff the middle part which is tough, and I'm going to cut slices as thin as possible, wewill need a really sharp knife for the tomatoes, we will do the same with the cucumbers, asthin as possible, super easy way to take off peel, cutting the onions this way providesyou a really small thin cubes, of onion, we will take a juice of 1 lemon and some oliveoil, just generously all over, salt of course, ok so now our salad is ready, I mixed it allup, smells wonderful, now we going to go back to our oats, and you see look at this, theoats soaked up all the water, we have this gui batter, mix it up well, I'm gonna makethis into tortillas, I'm gonna show you just how to do this, I'm going to warm up herea pan, some olive oil, now we take a generous table spoon of batter, and I smear it withthe back of the spoon until I reach a really thin layer, just do it as thinly as you can,don't worry they will stick at the end, and now we wait until the whole thing becomesthis color, semi transparent, we are actually going to make really nice pliable tortillas,made totally of gluten free oats, I'm going to flip this over in about a minute, you seeeverything here becoming semi transparent, look at this, can you imagine 1 ingredienttortilla, let it get a little bit browner, you see it's really pliable, ok look at it,you see it's really nice and soft you can actually use it for wrapping things, so ouroat tortillas are finished, you see it's really pliable, and I like to serve them with thisbeautiful Mediterranean fine salad, and hummus which I invite you to see we have anotherrecipe for this is well, and for the full recipe about tortilla, just click on the screenand you will get it, and don't forget to subscribe for our cleanfoodies channel and I'm waitingfor you there, there are lots of recipes, thank you very much for being with us goodbye.

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