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Hey everybody this is Randy Santel,"Atlas" with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of Foodchallenges.


Veryvery excited tonight I'm going from my second win in the state of Rhode Islandand overall win number 351! I am in Slatersville, Rhode Island atGator's Pup I'm taking on the Lumberjacks Italian Combo Sandwich Challenge! There's four pounds of friggin italian deli meats on the bottom layer with a wholebunch of cheese and then a bunch of vegetables on top along with thissandwich bread! We've also got a side of fries and thenI had to either go with the 32 ounce beer or a milkshake and I really didn'twant to go with beer for all this fits well with a milkshake to help get itdown at the end, but I've got 50 minutes to finish this thing! Nobody has everbeen able to complete it so if i win I'll be the first to win the firstperson on the Wall of Fame for this challenge also get the $25 meal for freeand i'll get a sweet t-shirt so let's get this challenge started! Alright this is going to be a very toughone and i know i won't want to eat the fries at the very end so I'm going tostart with those and then work on the sandwich will work on the milkshake aswe go! 1, 2, 3.

Boom! two minutes and 45 seconds in got thisthing taken apart a little bit i'm going to eat some of the top needs first andthen need a little bit as a sandwich later we get some more this baloney down we'reworking our way down the hands already 18 minutes and 45 seconds and I'm gonnatake down the pepperoni and then I'll just have the salami and cheese to eatas a sandwich so let's get this pepperoni down along with some of thismilkshake that will get the "W" just under 25 minutes and we're halfwaythrough the time Just over 49 minutes and nobody'sever even come close to beating the stand think so they're giving me anextra 10 minutes making the time limit an hour and if i do finish I'll get thewind and then i'll get i'll give it to me half price but I don't give a damnabout the price, we got to get the win! Alright get rid of this beer then we'reswitching back soda.

Alright 32 ounces of beer is gone thankgod i switch to that milkshake the milkshake would not have gone down.

55 minutes and 40 seconds into clarifytheir new time limit for the challenge which thank you to Gators Pub for theextension to get the first winter it's now an hour time limit but last bite! yes I know the timer started 50 minutes but itshould have been an hour because that was frickin ridiculous! There was atleast seven pounds but I'm gonna get I think either the male half price forfree but best of all I'm gonna get win number two and Rhode Island and overallwin number 352 so thank you to gators pub for the Lumberjacks italian sandwichchallenge really liked basically everything except for the pepperonieverything on there was great including the fries and everything else got it alldown 56 minutes and eight seconds so thank you to gators Bob thank you guysfor watching.

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