Massive Bacon Wrapped Burrito in Agua Prieta, Mexico! / Mexican Street Food

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– [James] In Agua Prieta, Mexico, you can find the foodtruck, El Burro por Delante, and this food truck hasburritos of epic proportions.

Get the menu, pick a large one.

Don't go with a medium.

Then get it wrapped inbacon for an extra 10 pesos.

First thing he's puttingdown is some mayonnaise.

He is making to big burritos,anyway, time for some avocado.

(Norteño music) Some roasted green chili, justto get a little bit inside.

Time for some tomato.

Now, at this point, I thinkthis thing qualifies as a salad.

A little bit of cheese.

Maybe more than a little bit.

Little bit of meat on theflat top, kind of heat it up.

Each one of these burritosneeds a little bit of meat.

Yeah, it's still a saladat this point, I think.

No need to waste this meat, so let's go ahead and put it in there.

Well, maybe it's no longer a salad.

Man, that looks good.

Time to roll it up, doingthe standard burrito fold.

Holy, this is a big burrito! Time to wrap in bacon.

(laughing) Time to crisp up thatbacon on the outside.

Time to dig in, I wasgonna give some commentary but I was having audio problem.

But man, lemme tell ya,these things are incredible.

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