Manchester City Players Try Chinese Food! | Chinese New Year

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Frankly I do not know what to expect ⋯ Ah Kun? Or duck? chicken? What I eat He said he'll eat anything, so no problem, right (West Ball tooth language) La Cucaracha ⋯ – Cockroaches – Spiderman Spider-Man.

I think we're ready, and what can it Eagle is it? Is pig ear, friend, you just eat pig ear only Seabass.

? Hard to explain in front of me what words were not enough to express – Wow scared me – What is it? (Seabass) – Oh, yeah perch Hard to bite I think it is pork, it must be Pigs should be I do not know Is pig ear, friend, you just eat pig ear only All in all pig Pig ear – Pig's ear? – The ear ⋯ Have tried pig ear, it will probably not be a pig Lei Is the tail? I would say that it might be someone's finger Look at my little finger, if this cut down, cooked This looks almost -? (West ball tooth language) murciélago how to say? – Like a muscle – (Bat) – Bat? bat! No taste, just ⋯ For ⋯ bat! – I say bats – bats, is not it? ⋯ human head is it? Eagle is it? Benn I almost got it right I just duck and a wet kiss Benn! Kun, a duck What!? I think I know what it is but you will not like it Look, what is this!? what!? Sniff Flavors ⋯ too hot Is chicken feet? I am sure, a pig nose.