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Ken: Where are you from Rully? Rully: Jakarta Ken: Yes Jakarta, but I mean the which part of Indonesia Rully: Lots of mixes Ken: Oh, mixed.

Rully: I have Sumataren, Java, Sulawesi, Arabian.

Ken: Oh.

(Shocked) Arabian as well? Rully: Yes (Laugh) Ken: Oh yeah, I can see the Arabian now! (Laughing) Perfect.

Its raining and we're eating pempek (fish cakes) The texture.

It's just so good.

So yummy.

Ken: It's a little bit spicey but not overly spicey, right? Rully: Just right Ken: Yeah, just right Ken: Just spot on Ah.

Grilled banana, the one with chocolate and cheese.

2 portions.

That one 2 portions.

And then the toasted bread with pineapple hours.

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