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Hi, I'm Brenda Davis co-author with along with Vesanto Melina of"Becoming Vegan Express Edition".

And today I want to talk about, whatyou can do to have an express lunch.

Things that I like to do for lunch is to havethe old fashioned meal soup and crackers.

One of my favorite soups is lentilsoup.

And this one just happens to be red lentil soup, with little cubes of butternutsquash, and a lot of turmeric and this sort of anti-inflammatory seasoningand a lot of other wonderful East Indian style seasonings.

You're not inclined to be preparingyour own soups.

there are a number of soups that are organic, vegan, low sodium.

That areavailable in the freezer section, or even in cans.

So you can check those out.

The other thingI'm having is crackers.

And I tend to make my own dehydrated crackers out of vegetables and seeds.

That'sit, those are the only two ingredients.

And I just dehydrate them.

We actuallyhave a wonderful recipe in our "Raw Food Revolution Diet"book.

For raw dehydrated crackers.

But they'requite fun to do.

And they're very, very easy to do.

And thenwhat I put on my crackers is some vegan cheese.

And this vegan cheese ismade of cashews and it's fermented.

And so I did this recipeyou know I, I made this cheese myself.

But the good news is, that there are a couple of companies thathave recently started to make nut cheeses that are available in natural food stores and whole foods and soforth.

And so you can purchase those if you'd like.

And then on the tray here, these are alljust instant.

I mean I cut up a little bit ofbroccoli, I cut up an avocado, a few slices of smoked tofu, some tomatoes and then purchaseda little bit of, of marinated vegetables from the from the deli counter at at thesupermarket.

So that's it fast and easy and delicious.

I wish you could join me.