London Food Experience. A Great Lunch of Italian Meats and Cheeses at Mercato Metropolitano

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Hallo everybody, I am tasting some new greatItalian food here in London what you see here is an Italian cheese called caciocavallo ithas been emptied inside and then filled with spicy salami from Calabria this is the veryfist time I have seen such a thing and yet it looks delicious this is boar salami and it has to be cut byhand with a knife not with the cutting machine, it is much better with a knife capocollo, the salami you see here, is socalled because it is made up from dry cured muscle running from the neck to the 4th or5th rib of the pork shoulder the name "capocollo" comes from "capo" or"head" and "collo" or "neck" it is typically sliced very thin with a knife caciocavallo is another type of stretched cheese made out of sheep or cow milk it is produced throughout southern Italy andparticularly in the Apulia region it is shape like a tear drop that is finally pecorino from Sardinia itis a quite strong cheese made up of sheep milk and moreover, the red onions of Tropea a cityin Calabria in the southern part of Italy this cheese looks similar to mozzarella butit is not, it is anther cheese, a soft cheese from Italy and it is called "burrata" finally my dish for lunch is finished andcompleted and it looks and tastes great, tr it in "Mercato Metropolitano", London, enjoy.

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