Learn the Top 10 Italian Foods That Will Kill You Faster

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Hi guys! Ciao ragazzi! Sono Desiree.

And today I'm going to talk about the 10 foodsthat will kill you faster.

So basically the reasons why I will die young.

bacon "bacon" In Italy we eat pancetta pancetta more thanbacon.

Actually guanciale, it’s a kind of pancetta,we use that when you do a carbonara.

I guess that all of you know, and if you don’t,you should.

bevande energetiche "energy drinks" Basically everything that isn't natural isnot healthy, and that's why energy drinks, too, don't help your health.

caramella "candy" I remember that when I was a kid, people tryto be friendly with children giving them candies, and so then children got to eat them.

carni lavorate "processed meat" I basically eat just chicken, because it'swhite, and so it doesn't have a lot of fat, and you can just cook it in an easy way.

margarina "margarine" I would say it will kill you faster, but alsonot eating sweet will make you die faster, because you would be more stressed.

So I’m, like, in everything you do justa bit, it's okay.

pasti surgelati "frozen meals" Yeah I know it’s easy and convenient, becausemaybe you don't have time, and it's easy to do, easy to prepare, but don't do that everyday.

patatine "potato chips" I would say also french fries, because they'reoily and they're not fresh, again, and they have a lot of spices.

Yeah, not good, but I really like the onewith paprika.


pop-corn al microonde "microwave pop-corn" I did that the other day but luckily I burnedthat, so I couldn't eat that basically.

soda "soda", or bevande gassate soda "soda" I don't really drink them because they makeme feel full, like, i can't eat anymore and I prefer to eat than drink.

spaghetti istantanei "instant noodles" We don't really have them a lot here in Italy,just recently.

Well, we just do spaghetti, basically.

So why should I take them, thee instant noodles.

So at least with one food out of ten, maybewe will die later.


That was the last of our 10 food that cankill you faster.

Try not to eat them too much, or just pickone, and leave the other nine, and, yeah, let's try that together, and be healthy.

Command with some other foods that you thinkcan kill you faster, and remember to subscribe.

Bye bye, ciao ciao!.

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