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Hi, I'm Fame Ketover of Lenguin.

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Now it's your turn to say the things you learned in the last lesson.

Plus you'll learn the Chinese characters.

Let's get started.


我想买点儿点心。 Repeat the word for pastries or small cakes.

点心 点心 It can also mean snacks or refreshments in general as well as pastries.

Repeat "I'd like to buy some pastries.

" 我想买点儿点心。 我想买点儿点心。 We've had the word "yìdiǎn" ("a little") which is made up of the number "yī" and the counter "diǎn".

In this sentence we have the counter alone and it's in its northern pronunciation.

Repeat both versions after the speaker and notice that the northern pronunciation has a different vowel as well as having an R at the end instead of an N.

点 点儿 点 点儿 Used here it means "some".

What's the word for "pastries"? 点心 How do you say "I'd like to buy some pastries.

"? 我想买点儿点心。 The conversation continues.

这个小点心多少浅一斤? 八毛钱一斤。 The word "diǎnxin" covers a wide range of bakery goods.

Here it's modified by "xiǎo" ("small") to be more specific.

Repeat "small pastries".

Notice that the low tone of "xiǎo" changes to rising tone before the low tone of the following syllable.

小点心 小点心 The Chinese unit of weight, roughly approximating our pound, is a catty.

Repeat "one catty".

Notice that the high tone of "yī" changes to falling tone before the high tone of "jīn".

一斤 一斤 Repeat "How much is this kind of small pastry?" 这个小点心多少浅? Notice that the counter "ge" is used.

A special counter for pastries is not used here because we're talking about kinds of pastries, not pieces of pastry.

Repeat "How much is this kind of small pastry a catty?" 这个小点心多少浅一斤? 这个小点心多少浅一斤? Notice that just as in English we can say something is how much a pound, in Chinese the word order is also often this way.

Try asking the question yourself now.

How much is this kind of small pastry a catty? 这个小点心多少浅一斤? 八毛钱一斤。 The answer "Eighty cents a catty.

" is literally "Eight dimes a catty.

" Repeat "Eight dimes.

" 八毛 八毛 Repeat "Eighty cents a catty.

" Notice that the word for money comes after the price.

八毛钱一斤。 八毛钱一斤。 Now you take the part of the shopkeeper.

Tell your customer that small pastries are eighty cents a catty.

这个小点心多少浅一斤? 八毛钱一斤。 After finding out the price, you might ask for some of the pastries.


请你给我两斤。 Repeat the verb "to give".

给 给 Repeat "Give me two catties.

" 给我两斤。 给我两斤。 Repeat the word used for "please" when you're making a request.

请 请 Repeat "please", literally "ask you".

请你 请你 Notice the tone change of "qǐng" before "nǐ".

Repeat "Please give me two catties.

" 请你给我两斤。 请你给我两斤。 Now you try it from the start.

First ask how much these small pastries are a catty.

Then ask for two catties.

这个小点心多少钱一斤? 八毛钱一斤。 请你给我两斤。 Let's say pastries aren't the only things that you want to buy.


您还要点儿什么? 我还要汽水。 Repeat the verb "to want".

要 要 Repeat the word for "soda", literally "air water".

汽水 汽水 Repeat "I want soda too.

" 我还要汽水。 我还要汽水。 Try responding to the question now, "What else do you want?" Say that you want soda too.

您还要点儿什么? 我还要汽水。 After saying you want some soda you'll want to ask how much it costs.


多少钱一瓶? 两毛五分钱。 Repeat the word for "bottle".

It's a counter.

瓶 瓶 Repeat "one bottle".

一瓶 一瓶 Now you've seen what happens to the number one ("yī") when followed by a syllable in each of the four tones.

"Yī" has the falling tone when followed by any syllable except one with another falling tone, then it has the rising tone.


yìjīn yìpíng yìběn yífèn Now you repeat "One catty, one bottle, one volume, one copy".

一斤 一瓶 一本 一份 一斤 一瓶 一本 一份 Repeat "How much is it a bottle?" 多少钱一瓶? 多少钱一瓶? Ask the question yourself now.

"How much is it a bottle?" 多少钱一瓶? 两毛五分钱。 Repeat the word for "cent".

分 分 Notice that the word for "cent" is "fēn" with a high tone and the word for "copy" is "fèn" with a falling tone.

Repeat "Twenty-five cents.

", literally "two dimes five cents money".

两毛五分钱。 两毛五分钱。 Try answering the question yourself now.

多少钱一瓶? 两毛五分钱。 Now let's say you've chosen your purchases.

The total cost is two dollars and thirty-five cents.

Your conversation continues.

这是三块钱。 找你六毛五分钱。 谢谢。再见。 再见。 Repeat "Here's three dollars.

", literally "this is three dollars money".

这是三块钱。 这是三块钱。 Try saying it yourself.

Here's three dollars.

这是三块钱。 找你六毛五分钱。 In reply to the shopkeeper you say "Thank you and good-bye.

" Repeat "good-bye", which is really something like "see you again.

" 再见。 再见。 Repeat "Thank you.


" 谢谢。再见。 谢谢。再见。 Try the conversation again now.

First you give the shopkeeper three dollars.

Then after you get your change you say thank you and good-bye.

这是三块钱。 找你六毛五分钱。 谢谢。再见。 再见。 Hao, women xià kè ba.

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