La souveraineté alimentaire – El mundo desde Oaxaca – Food Sovereignty in Oaxaca Mexico

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There transnational companies who are poisoning Suddenly poison converted to food our youth, our communities and our children I think in particular in all transnational companies that bombard us with their products and television spots on Televisa and TV Azteca and all other means of communication that the government is to its service for the sale and consumption junk food The Mexican people should open their eyes mothers, the authorities, the fathers of families should see how our children were contaminated.

At the moment We hold the shameful first position globally [In relation] overweight and obesity.

We must therefore support actions not regional or state! We must unite unite the struggle of our people at the national level at the World level because one way or another contamination of the planet spreads From obstacles to food sovereignty there is this misconception that the peasant is synonymous with delay But there is a serious problem in Mexico public policy for rural development it's a fail! This policy was practically thinking from the transnational agenda.

The idea of ​​development is handled considering that it is the transnationals that sell pesticides, fertilizers and seeds So this creates a dependency of-a-vis these companies peasants In addition, the materials used contribute to the erosion, deterioration and loss of productivity of rural land in Mexico Well, until we have a public policy to really promote family farming and not transnational companies that produce fertilizers, pesticides and hybrid seeds, the situation will not change.

Farmers will get stuck and can not live off their work Produce for themselves, but also to the market at competitive prices, etc.

Since Mexico is part of the free trade agreement it is inserted, or affected by the global food policy This enormously complicates the social struggles at local and regional level but that could eventually open the way to food sovereignty our intention is to get a radio transmitter more powerful so that our voice can be heard throughout the region of Tehuantepec Itsmo! The initiative is especially Traspatio due to concerns over the gardens of destiny in backyards a practice that is lost in Oaxaca the project helps us because rather than going to the store.

run buy when we need something, right [This project] is just cut it is cooler and cleaner This is how we help the Traspatio project.

I find the project very well because I think if I want to eat a piece of chicken I'm not buying, I here And if I want eggs when the chickens will start to happen, I have eggs at home.

We will not buy on the contrary, we will sell eggs to buy other food or something, ham For government or business it does not suit them that organized groups do this type of farming because what they want is to sell They want enters the game buy credit, to buy seeds Thus, with either their policy, they condition us, we continue to follow this model.

Jonathan: But in practice, a small farmer can not compete with the big.

Exactly, but they are well, they want to join us in the game of consumption.

We have forgotten how to work the land really.

I just returned from a community and only a few people know what is really the milpa They consider that only corn When explaining to them what the milpa, what benefits, how many different foods they can reap the same time they begin to see, "yes, of course!" Previously, the former grew well, sowing milpa not just corn And so, the intention of this, with the organization I do not know how long it will take us but the intention is to be able to influence the rules of operation, for example, for investments in rural Because there is virtually no! There and they exist but it is very complicated for our communities to our communities or community organizations get these resources.

While the alternatives are used to improve our communities so they can produce their own food, be autonomous, as they say have security in communities that produce and learn to do it.

Through my death I return to thee Be dust of the earth When life loses Behind the curtain years Behind the curtain years Before you land forever Well, in these times that are very complicated and very critical I think the issue of food sovereignty myth we must think of a two-tier action process.

On the one hand, we need much more information on the on the global food industry practices so we can be more aware of the damage to health that this industry inflicts and this information can then decide if we want to eat natural, fresh and clean and support local economies or eat chemicals, eat products with pesticides, fumigation results.

But at least you have to take the decision because it is our sovereignty ultimately ie if you want to eat this soup canes or if you want to eat fresh vegetables or a prepared dish at home with fresh food On the one hand it is a matter of starting to position themselves in this food industry and adopt a position of boycott and denounce our excessive consumption practices and do this individually but also collectively We need to go back to the land returning us reconnect with the earth of these production processes in nature and look for other people who also want this connection or this reconnection thus forming producer communities, communities of producers but also consumers where we can create mechanisms to redefine who we are, not necessarily a capitalist perspective to think contaire to sharing mechanisms and information products mutual assistance mechanisms and that define who we really are we and not the fierce industry is not shy.

We must decide what we want to eat what we produce and how we want to do and respecting our diets our eating habits customs and the products that we are used to eating and with respect for natural resources.

I think those two things, if we tackle them together will complete and thus result at least at local or regional level that is food sovereignty.

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