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MARKO: My pussy? JOON: What's the song? JOON: Who's the singer? MARKO: Finley? JOON: No.

JOON: It's a lady MARKO: Oh shit, no.

MARKO: Jalisse? JOON: Yes! SUMMER: The singer resembles Michael Jackson MARKO: Do we have a Michael Jackson in Italy?.

MARKO: It should be a guy, right? MARKO: That's a hint SUMMER: PIPPA (Handjob~) MARKO: You're talking about masturbating right now! MARKO: Okay, I got the song, but she's good so I want to listen to it MARKO: Go go go! MARKO: Yeaaaah! MARKO: How good is she!? SUMMER: See, she looks like Michael Jackson! SUMMER: Michael Jackson! SUMMER: See?! Doesn't she?! CATHY: Yes, they look the same! SUMMER: Right?! SUMMER: I thought she was a guy CATHY: They look alike! VICTORIA: Wow, I can copy VICTORIA: Oh yeah! CATHY: Three, three, three.

CATHY: Dance, dance MARKO: Just dance~ LADY GAGA JUST DANCE! MARKO: Small pillow?! CATHY: OMG you're so good! CATHY: Good job! CATHY: That's too much.

Calm down MARKO: Nice legs.

MARKO: Jooooon.

MARKO: Wait, wait.

MARKO: Can you say something? SUMMER: Okay MARKO: I know! fuuuu- MARKO: That's Japanese, guys! SUMMER: Wasabi!~ MARKO: I think I know what it is MARKO: It means "Fuck you!" in Italian SUMMER: Oh.

SUMMER: Sorry! SUMMER: Marco! He's Marco! MARKO: What the frick is that? VICTORIA: Whoa.

VICTORIA: It's light! VICTORIA: Oh it sounds like Lotte World! MARKO: Lotte World?! MARKO: It's a dance song?! VICTORIA: Yup! MARKO: Okay MARKO: I'm never gonna win this! CATHY: Handmade~ CATHY: Bento~ CATHY: Hurry~ MARKO: It's not a Korean song MARKO: That means "friends" CATHY: You're too loud MARKO: Sorry.

CATHY: Let me listen to the song CATHY: Good job! MARKO: I don't know guys CATHY: I fell in love with this melody! MARKO: I fell in love with your version of the song MARKO: Am I a superhero or something?! MARKO: Is this my super power? MARKO: Because I don't know how I got this MARKO: Okay, it's okay, don't worry MARKO: You don't need to sing VICTORIA: Follow Marko on Instagram, Facebook, YOUTUBE! SUMMER: Pizza, Carbonara.

JOON: Spaghetti? MARKO: No!!! VICTORIA: Pizza, Carbonara, Ciao Ciao!!!.

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