KOREANS try ITALIAN SNACKS [Part 2] 이태리 과자 처음 먹는 한국인 반응 [2탄]

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What the hell is this?! Sh*t!!! What the.

If you wanna brush your teeth after you had potato chips you better try this I've never tried dog's snacks before but if I did, I could imagine a taste similar to this MARKO: Kinder Bueno!!! VICTORIA: Yeeeh!!! VICTORIA: Oh, there are four pieces VICTORIA: It's definely a good snack to share MARKO: No!! VICTORIA: What? Do I have to eat it by myself? MARKO: Of course! VICTORIA: You know, Koreans love to share food when they eat VICTORIA: WOW! MARKO: Is good, isn't it? VICTORIA: I don't think its for sharing!!! VICTORIA: I think I'll have to finish this by myself LOL VICTORIA: This is SO good! VICTORIA: I really like "Ferrero Rocher" but I know many people that don't like the hazelnut inside it VICTORIA: I think this is a very good alternative if you are one of those person LOVE: It's really easy to open, girls don't really like when its difficult to open a snack LOVE: The package is really well done! They really care about the details! SUMMER: So cute!!! SUMMER: It's good! LOVE: This is REALLY good!!!! SUMMER: Seriously good LOVE: In Korea we all know "Kinder" I think it really fits with Koreans taste buds and thats why they import it SUMMER: I'm gonna eat it all! MARKO: Apparently Kinder Bueno is the best between Korean girls! MARKO: It's so good, isn't it?! JACKY: There's a lot of ingridients inside and as soon as you take a bite, the flavours all come out at once JACKY: It's really soft and the chocolate taste really good! VICTORIA: 9 LOVE: 10! SUMMER: 9,5 JACKY: 7 VICTORIA: Marko told me that "B-ready" stands for "Bread-ready" so you don't need to prepare anything VICTORIA: So cute!!! VICTORIA: How can I eat it? VICTORIA: I have to show it to you guys VICTORIA: This is how the Nutella inside the snack looks like VICTORIA: The nutella is really good but I think the bread ruins the flavor VICTORIA: This is not even bread.

VICTORIA: You know the ice-cream cone? It taste like the that.


VICTORIA: Doesn't really goes well with the Nutella.

SUMMER: Looks very cute SUMMER: I like it! SUMMER: I don't think we really need the "B-ready" part.

LOVE: Since we just had that snack ( Kinder Bueno ) LOVE: Compared to it this really doesn't taste good LOVE: Just so so.

SUMMER: I'm gonna eat it all!!! LOVE: There's a mug with milk here, they suggest to eat it with milk MARKO: This is what we have for breakfast in Italy MARKO: Milk or cappuccino with some bakery or cereals LOVE: But if you eat something sweet in the morning, wouldn't your stomach hurt? SUMMER: Yes, right LOVE: When I was really young I really liked "Choco Pie" LOVE: So one day I woke up early and I was like "ooh let's have a Choco Pie!" LOVE: That day I had such a stomachache I didn't eat anything sweet in the morning from that day onward MARKO: What??? I can eat a "Choco Pie" every morning.

SUMMER: Your stomach is very strong, Marko.

JACKY: Cute! I can even put two fingers here! JACKY: Look really like "Choco Haim" ( 쵸코하임 ) JACKY: It even smells very similar JACKY: I think it tastes much better than "Choco Haim"! JACKY: Instead of regular chocolate there's Nutella which is much tastier JACKY: The design is also good.

The exact size of three bites! JACKY: Really easy to eat VICTORIA: 5 LOVE: 6 SUMMER: 7 JACKY: 7 VICTORIA: Oh! Looks really similar to "Odd" ( 오뜨 ) VICTORIA: The taste is really similar to "Oh Yes!" tho VICTORIA: But with a stronger taste VICTORIA: Doesn't taste like something made by "Kinder" VICTORIA: Taste like a Korean "cake" snack VICTORIA: I think this snack is not that good for adults VICTORIA: It suits the taste buds of young kids.

It's too sweet! VICTORIA: oh.

TOO MUCH SWEET! LOVE: This one is also very easy to open!!! LOVE: I told you I like when its like that!! LOVE: Can you see it? LOVE: Under the chocolate coating there's a thin layer of chocolate jam LOVE: This makes the snack taste very good SUMMER: Oh!.

it's good! SUMMER: I wanna take it home SUMMER: Probably my favorite today! SUMMER: Really good! JACKY: Even if you don't wash you hands, you can just push it and eat it! Very convenient! JACKY: It taste very similar to "Oh yes!" JACKY: Since there's also dark chocolate its a little bitter, I don't think it's too sweet JACKY: And it also taste better than "Oh Yes!" VICTORIA: 6 SUMMER: 8 LOVE: The chocolate tastes a bit "fake" to me so.

I will give it a.

LOVE: 6 JACKY: This is my favourite! JACKY: I will give it an 8! VICTORIA: The taste is stronger than what I was expecting VICTORIA: And I think Italians really like "fusion" when it comes to snacks VICTORIA: If you are someone who like "normal" tastes.

I don't recommend this to you! VICTORIA: Unfortunatly I can't really say everything was good SUMMER: I thought the taste would have been similar to Pasta or Pizza SUMMER: Really salty SUMMER: I liked the fact It wasn't that salty.

I had expectations that it was going to be salty SUMMER: On contrary the ones I wasn't really expecting anything from, turned out to be very tasty LOVE: I also thought snacks were going to be more "tomato base" oriented LOVE: If you like to try new flavors, I recommend it JACKY: I thought Italian snacks and Korean snacks were going to be really different JACKY: They are not, in fact they are really similar JACKY: It's not that I gave a low score to italian snacks because they are not good JACKY: I just don't like snacks in general LOL JACKY: Because Koreans believe in "RICE POWER"! MARKO: Choose : Italian or Korean snacks? JACKY: Since the tastes are very similar I'd choose something I can find easily and a taste that I'm already use to JACKY: Of course I'll have to say : Korean snacks SUMMER: Of course Korean snacks.

LOVE: But I've to say I like the sweet Italian snacks better SUMMER: Oh! Really??? JACKY: I'm Marko's weird friend Jacky "The Korean" JACKY: I really enjoyed shooting this video JACKY: Please support Marko's channel by liking this video and subscribing JACKY: I'll put my instagram ID in the description box down below JACKY: Please, follow me! JACKY: Ciao ciao! LOVE&SUMMER: Ciao ciao! VICTORIA: Ciao ciao! MARKO: Pizza Carbonara, CIAO!.

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