Korean Girls Try REAL Mexican Food [Lengua, Tripas, Menudo, Tamales, etc]

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Hey girl, you like Mexican food? Hey asshole! It's my lunch hour.

Great filming tomorrow in Urban Collective.

You'll be in Digitalsoju.

Oh yeah? With whom I speak? When it comes to food, there are few universal truths, but one of them is that Mexican food is amazing.

In fact, if you do not like Mexican food, I do not think we can not be friends.

Most Koreans are familiar with basic Mexican dishes, or rather, Texan-Mexican as well that for this video, we went for a little more unique dishes, that most Koreans have ever tasted.

Wow, it looks so good.

Never before have I tasted little tacos.

The files are expensive in Korea.

I love limes.

[Eat tacos on Korean] Just watching her reactions seem that they are enjoying.

This meat is delicious.

It is very soft.

Because it is simmered.

There is a big difference between the taste of eaten with sauce or without.

Lime, especially, gives a balance to everything.

It's a cleaner flavor.

Do you think the Koreans would like? Yes.

It is not as spicy as expected.

You like? Oh, it's fantastic.

Words are not necessary.

So rich! This is Mexican style sausage.

Sausage? No taste to sausage.

It is quite unique.

Regulate meat taste.

(Instead of sausage) It would be much better if little spicier.

Do you think the Koreans would like this? Yes.

It is very soft and I think if you added a little more sauce to make it spicier, it would be a success in Korea.

Wait, is not this gopchang (intestines)? Yes Yes it is! Do you think that Mexicans eat intestines? Probably not.

I thought only Koreans ate.

Ladies, what you like the gopchang (intestines)? Yes.

Yes, you have the face of someone who would like.

What the hell? What do you mean with that? It's good.

Gopchang never imagined that would work in a taco.

I'm not a big fan of the intestines.

I'm not a big fan of the chewy texture.

Yuck, this is not my thing.

Well, I'll eat yours for you.

This so delicious.

Have more? I think the Koreans would like.

What do you think it is? What kind of meat is this? I tried taco before, but I've never tasted anything like this.

What you're eating is.

Cow tongue.

[It is out of hand in Korean] Language? Yes.

Oh my God.

Really? Language? For real? This? It does not look as if language.

Come on.

So, they had never tried before? Never.

Indeed, once, when I was super drunk.

Forget the taste, now I just feel betrayed.

Now is sad.

You said you would give us good food, and then give us beef tongue? A lot of people can not eat tongue, but if you do not know what they eat, I think they could enjoy it.

If I had a little more flavor, it would be pretty good.

Of the four tacos, what was your favorite? I liked the second, the taco with chopped sausage.



¿Choiso? Sausage.

¿Choiho? Sausage.




Once, when I was eating pho, this had cilantro and I thought at first that the dishes were not washed properly.

By chance, did dishwasher soap flavor? Yes, a soapy taste.

Dishwasher soap.

So, cilantro I had in the pho was not very good, but the cilantro in the tacos is very rich.


What is this? They look like candy.

They are so cute.

These are called tamales.



How they are or have to unwrap? I do not think this goes in your mouth.

Oh, come on.

You can not eat this.

You nosh and unwrap mine.

A) Yes? Yes.

What the hell! Are we supposed to eat it with a fork? It's like a dumpling.


They are like dumplings shop rice cakes.

What is the difference? The food she makes tastes like shit *.

It's a terrible cook.

It does not smell very appetizing.

Neither it looks very appetizing.

[Come tamale as wild] No meat inside.

At first glance, it seems as if tuna.

Actually, they are eating poorly.

You're supposed to eat it with the dough.

MMM! Jod * mately he tastes so well with the sauce.

Is this something that the Koreans would enjoy? If there salsa, yes.

Aroma and texture of the dough does not impress, but the meat inside is very good, especially with the sauce.

It's pretty good.

But just I do not like the mass.

It is meh.

[Mexican Mom angry]: c ****** s Pos what is it about? What is this? Soup? Ooh! There are calluses on this.

Oh come on, not again.

Is the tripe soup / intestines (Korean) Have you tried? Yes.


You like? I do.


This is very good.

This is not Mexican food looks.

Actually, it is a very traditional soup of Mexico.

It is good, but please stop reminding me that I have corns.

The broth is good.

Gamjatang has a similar flavor (pork stew), but a little greasy.

Not bad, in my opinion.

I do not like.

I think it's much better the soup callus / Korean intestine.

It has a similar flavor, but the lime gives it a refreshing taste.

It is entirely my taste.

I adore her.

For real? Yes.

You had mentioned that often was good for hangovers, but I wish it were a little spicier.

Are we supposed to bow our heads as well? Yes.

Doing this is like something sexual.

Why? I do not understand.


Aah, tilting your head like you're kissing? Why are you doing this.

It has been a while since the last time, right? Mmmmm.

This totally tastes like fish cutlet.

This is very good.

Really it is.

He expected oilier.

The sour taste of lime cut the fat.

It is just my personal opinion, but nothing special.

Like you.

Would you mind turning the camera just for a second? Do you think the Koreans would like? Yes Yes.

Koreans would love it.

Can we try the shrimp taco now? Because I'm eager to more shrimp taco.


This is delicious.

Shrimp is so chubby.



This is just what I love.

The sauce and shrimp, totally my style.

Koreans also love this.

This is good ridiculously.

But I wish they did smaller.

Koreans have small mouths.

Or maybe it's just me.

This so hard.

That's what she said.

The ending is a bit harsh.

Is it only the tip is a bit hard? That's what she said Is this too big to eat it on a first date? Yes, it seems too large.

It's huge.

Really, it is too large.


What's going on here? I liked the fish taco.


I would also liked the fish taco.

I think the shrimp taco was the best.

Yeah, same here.

I also recommend the shrimp taco.

Is this milk? It has an aroma of cinnamon.

But still I do not know because it is white.

It is milk.

¿Milk and cinnamon? Coconut? It is made from rice, cinnamon, almonds and sweetened condensed milk.

I would have never imagined that it was made of rice.

For some reason, I think it could do with soju.

This is really good, I love it.

Where they sell this? It tastes like a sweeter version of sujeonggwa (Ponche khaki Korean).

So I guess it is a richer version of sujeonggwa? I think that kids would love.

A while ago, we eat a lot of greasy food including fried stuff and lots of sauce.

But after drinking horchata, You feel your palate clean and cool your mouth.

I think anyone who try it, you'll like.

Can you tell us what you liked best and least today? What I liked most was the Chorizo.


Catarisis! LOLZ Carnitas.

The Carnitas were the best.

My favorite was the taco last I tried, that with fried shrimp.


The Menudo.

That was my favorite.

Throw in some hot peppers and eat every day.

The day after drinking, and even while you drink.

The tripe and tongue were the worst.

The Menudo! It's scary just looking at him.

I can not.

For me, I often think that was the worst.

[Angry Mexican Mom]: Spend all day doing p **** and menudo no more pa 'you say you did not like.

It was horrible.

Would not eat again.

Pos takes c ***** a! By the way, who was cooking all the food? Follow me.

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