Korean Girls Try American and Mexican Sodas [Jarritos, Squirt, Root Beer, Cream Soda, etc]

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This can take it? It smells very rare.

I can not take this.

This drink is called Jarritos.

They have heard before? Jarritos? No.

I have not even seen before.

He has been in Korea for only 6 months.

They sell this in Korea? Orange, peach, lemon, soju.


It is sweet.

A bartender told me once that in places like Cuba They use real sugar for drinks instead of syrup, high fructose mais.

They say it has a more natural flavor.

It is more or less what I remember.

I like this.

(Guava) This is what I like most.

This flavor is difficult to find in Korea.

[Coughs in Korean] What's wrong? This so good that I followed taking.

Tomala all, Tomala all.

It says.

grapes? Grapefruit.

Grapefruit is usually this color, but this is green.

That taste is this ?! This very good.

I've never tried these before.

The straw is nice.

I like this.

This straw is very nice Go with your hat.

What they like most? Guava! Guava was number one for me.

And then grapefruit.

And after that handle And last, pineapple.

It is a very common flavor, so I have not tested much earlier.

For me, grapefruit was the best.

It is refreshing and has a clean taste.

Guava also very good, so I give him second place.

I liked the guava.

You really can not find this kind of grapefruit flavor here.

You think Koreans will like to them the Jarritos? I think so.


It was soft, refreshing and easy to make.

Iria well with vodka.

Koreans would like.

First of all, it comes in colors that women like.

This seems like a bottle of Heineken or soju.

So if a guy is in the club or bar and does not want to take You can order one of these and pretend to be taking to look good.

I think the Koreans would like guava.

Also grapefruit.

Korea has no grapefruit soda like this.

These sell well.

The left is cream soda And the other is orange 'And Cream.

They want to try together? Let's do it.

Thanks for letting me out.

That flavor is this? What is this? It's ice cream.

Frozen? Oh, wow! It tastes different to how it looks.

It is very different from what I expected, but I still like.

It is a very unique and unfamiliar taste.

We have only tried pallets orange.

Yes, we have never tried anything with ice cream inside.

It was different because I could really taste the creaminess.

So she told me.

Aaa No! What? Nothing.

I did not understand.

Not hear what you said.

Stop saying weird things.

What? I thought it was apple juice.

True that if? Ohhh.

I like it.

It has a vanilla flavor.

Vanilla and cinnamon? The taste reminds me Jagerbomb.


Let's share it.

Because you behave so mischievous? I can not do it.

[Rie in Korean] It's very good.

I like this too.

Iria very well with whiskey.

It's addictive.

I can not leave.

Which one do you like the most? This.

The Orange.

Me too.

To my cream soda.


I like this too.

This is more familiar to me.

I'm not sure, but I think I like this.

Do you think the Koreans will like to these drinks? If you had to choose between these two, probably they would choose orange.

But it is not something that people apetecería otherwise.

But there are still people who would probably like.

I think would sell well.

But it is not a flavor that people are used here.

They would have to promote it very well And after taking several times They would start to like more.

Also, if promoted as ice cream soda I think people would be curious and start buying.

I think Koreans will like to them these two.

And this would be a hit with children.

I tried Dr Pepper before.

This is very good.

Cherry flavor, right? This super good.

It is the kind of taste that many Koreans like them.

I want to stir this with some kind of alcohol.

Because you keep talking about alcohol? Dr Pepper has 23 different flavors.

How many flavors can try? Cherry, vanilla.

But there is something I've always been curious.

If called Dr Pepper (chili), you really put peppers (chillies) inside? I wonder why it is called Dr Pepper.

Like most coca? Yes.

I love.

It's your first time seeing Squirt? Squat (squat)? That's squat, SQUAT.

This is Squirt.

Andale! And I was embarrassed.

But it is similar.

Oh, it is very sour.

You're right.

This sour.

Knows the United States.

It's true, I'm telling you.

It's supposed to taste lemon or what? It is orange flavor? I tasted the orange flavor.

The taste is familiar and has more effervescence.

It is refreshing and has clean flavor.

This you would remove the thirst on a hot day.

Hey, is not beer? Says beer here.

I will get drunk? No alcohol.


Bangs? Bang, bang, bang! (Reference to K-pop) Oh Lord.

He knows hospital.

If you're right.

Smacks patch Icy Hot.

Oh, you're right! Not? Icy Hot! You can take, right? It smells very rare.

I can not take this.

I feel I have to gargle with this.

It's like mouthwash.

You like? I believe.

Because it is peculiar.

But Bang's,.

Oh, is Barq's? Barq's.


Do you think they would like to Koreans? Maybe if they sold in a pharmacy.

In fact they sold in pharmacies long ago.


From small, we inculcate not eat anything That smacks of Listerine or Icy Hot / Bengay.

Of these three, What did you like best? This.


Number two is this here, Squirt.

I really can not take this.

No offense to people who like root beer, But it is not ours.

Dr Pepper is the number one.

And this number two.

Root beer.

And number three, this.

This is what I like most.

Then, I like this because it's different.

As I explain? Know healthy, I guess.

And Dr Pepper last Because I have tried many times.

First Squirt.

Second Dr Pepper.

How cute.

Dr Dr Dr Dr Pepper! And third, Bang's.

For me, my favorite is Dr Pepper.

Second Barq's.

It is so unique that never forget that taste.

And third Squirt.

My favorite was Squirt.

And then Dr Pepper.

And then Barq's.

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