Korean Fusion Mexican Food Cooking Challenge at COREANOS KITCHEN

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H: Today on twoplustwo B: Korean fusion food H: We've said many times beforeabout how Korean food is amazing H: and there's a multitude of key elementsthat makes Korean food taste the way it does.

B: With the popularity of Korean foodexpanding over the last decade or so B: it's no wonder there has been some fusionbetween Korean food and other cuisines.

H: The most popular of whichis probably Korean Mexican fusion.

B: If you're from LA or have been to the K-town area B: you may have seen some of these food trucks B: which have their own signature fusion dishes.

B: apparently the first food truck, Kogi Korean BBQ B: opened in late 2008 and sparkeda trend wave across the States.

H: Another one of these food truckswas founded in Austin, Texas H: and was owned by Korean Americans, James Kwon H: and business partner, Gene Cho.

H: Since then, they've moved to Korea H: and started 2 restaurants H: with a 3rd in the works.

H: We visited Coreanos to check out how it's done.

JK: My name is James Kwon.

JK: I'm one of the owners of Coreanos Kitchen JK: We're a casual restaurants thatserves Mexican fusion here in Seoul.

JK: We started 2 and a half years ago JK: And this is our 2nd location thatwe opened 1 year and a half back.

JK: and 4 months ago, we actuallystarted our 3rd location in Gwanghwamun.

JK: We actually originated from afood truck in Austin, Texas JK: that started about 6 years ago, called Coreanos.

JK: One of the founders thereactually ended up coming over here.

JK: and we were actually elementary schoolfriends, so we started this together.

JK: It's been 2 and a half years and one hell of a ride! JK: I hope you come, enjoy the food JK: and we'll show you what we're all about.

Today, BapMokja and Haeppywill be making the OG Burrito.

It's one of the original fusion burritosthat debuted in Texas 6 years ago it's one of our most popular items.

Our head chef, at the Itaewon location, will showthem just one time how to make it.

Let's see how they do.

Please take good care of me.

H: Oh! I'm in the way already! B: Galbi.

H: Hey, we only have 1 time! H: keep your eyes on the meat.

B: Kimchi.

B: I'm so scared.

H: Oh, what's that? B: Must be oil right? H: Oil? H: I should learn to do that at home! H: Haeppy Chef got this! B: Is there a right amount of time? H: You don't get to ask questions! H: Just watch! H: You see that technique?! H: Oh.

I lost count on the meat!I was counting in my head! B: You're cheating! H: Oh man! We're frying stuff too?! B: Some of it's done.

B: Clean up.

Gotta clean~ H: They have us cleaning the grill today! H: Heat up the tortilla.

B: So.

orange sauce H: Oh.

OH! What is he doing? H: He's going super speed to try to confuse us? H: Cabbage, onions B: What?! There's too many sauces!H: 3 red sauces? B: Okay.

put the meat in.

B: Kimchi in a line in the middle.

H: I have to remember which sauces to use! B: I've completely forgotten already.

B: Cilantro.

H & B: Oh.

no no no no no no!!! H: I got it!B: Noooo~ B: We'll see.

We'll see.

3, 2, 1, go! H: They mixed our meat up! H: It's that one.

B: Is it that one? H: It's that one.

B: You sure? H: 100%.

well okay, maybe weshould check the other one too.

H: It's a different color.

H: You tried to trick us?! No! B: Can you do a line for me please? H: No.

This is a competition! H: Oh.

it doesn't look like it.

did I screw us? B: I think you did.

H: Here, you put it back and I'll do your Kimchi.

B: Oh wait.

I forgot which one is which.

B: Is this the scraper? H: I saw head chef use two! H: Am I supposed to use two? H: Oh! OH! We forgot one very important thing! B: Oil! B: How come you've got 2 and I've got 1? H: Yours seems to be cooking faster than mine.

B: I have no idea how this works.

H: This is not fair! B: I think all my meat has disappeared.

H: It's really really hot.

H: I need chopsticks! What is this?! B: Oh.

OH! I see how it is.

B: You're leaving me out to dry! B: I'm just going to take half of yours.

B: You put way too much! H: No, I didn't! H: It's not fair if I'm doing your fries too! H: Oh, that's dangerous, I can't do that.

H: Should I put it back? H: Is it sanitary to put it back? B: No, of course not! H: Wow! I did your fries butyou didn't give me my plate.

B: Well that's done.

H: Yo, mine's way better than yours.

B: I have no idea what's going on.

H: This is hot as sh*t! JK: There's 2 different sizes! H: What?! H: Wait.

H: You trying to trick me? H: I didn't pay attention.

H: There's not much time left for the fries! B: It's still smoking! H: Which one looks like the right one? B: The bigger.


H: That big one looks like it's the right one.

H: I don't want to do this.

I don't want to touch the grill! H: It's going to burn my gloves off! H: Yo! There's like 30 seconds left! B: It's still smoking! It's so bad! H: Can you do it for me? H: You contaminated the ingredients! H: We're guests here! H: Oh! We're not supposed to use our hands! B: Well what does he use?! B: We've got gloves on.

H: Ow it's hot! H: It's hot!!!! B: There's nowhere safe to do this! B: Ah! Okay.

Got it.

Got it.

B: What're you doing? H: This needs to cool down! H: You're going to copy me.

don't look.

B: Oh yeah~ tuck it in there good~ B: No! Don't say yours is better, no! H: No! H: No, I f*cked up! H: No! It's too late! I have to take it back off! H: Oh, you like that son?!?!?! H: Sometimes you don't get it the first time H: You just gotta try, try again! H: Look at that OG! H: What is this?! This triangle piece of.

? H: What is that?! H: If I lost on taste, I don't carecause I won on appearance.

H: Oh you like that?! Golden brown! H: Look at this! This is called Head Chef Sean approved.

H: Hey! You can't touch the shape! B: I can touch it all I want! B: Cool! H: No.

B: Oh.

you can't cheat with cheese.

come on.

JS: My name is Kim Jungsik JS: I'm a model at YGKPLUS M: My name is Minjee Son M: and I'm currently a model in Buttonsoup ENT.

C: Hi! My name is Chris M.

Joon C: I'm a singer-songwriter and a choreographerat a dance crew called Just Jerk C: and I'm an up-and-coming actor.

JS: This one's too long.

JS: Kind of feels like a quesadillaand a burrito combined.

C: I think this one looks the closest to the original.

M: That is the original.

C: I don't know what's going on with the red sauce.

M: Is that like.

a smiley face? H: I watch cooking shows! H: Cooking shows! B: Ridiculous.

JS: This one.

3 points? JS: This one 0.

5 points.

M: 4.

5 M: And this is like, 2.


5? C: I'll give this one a 3 C: and that one a 4.

M: Like this? C: This is really good.

JS: yeah, really good.

C: This is really good!M: Can you all leave me some?! C: This is my first meal by the way.

C: So, I think it's even better C: Looks like an egg roll! (Gyeran Mari) M: The uglier it is.

it should taste better? JS: Even though the ingredients are the samethe taste is completely different.

C: This one's a bit stronger.

JS: The kimchi taste is a bit strong.

B: I just think it was in there,so I'm just going to add it in.

M: Can you give me one bite? JS: Nope.

M: Okay 🙁 C: We're trying so hard to notlook ugly as hell while eating.

M: This is really delicious! JS: Looks like it matches your taste.

C: Is it better than the original? C: Really?! C: This part is really crispy.

C: I don't know why.

M: Delicious! H: Oh look at that! H: It's too burnt!B: Mine is like jumbo size.

B: No it's good! It's not too burnt.

H: It's too burnt! C: I like this one more than this one.

M: Really? JS: Delicious.

C: This one.

is a bit salty.

C: If you like eating saltier stuff.

C: you'll like this one better.

M: I like salty! JS: It's balanced (Jeojeolhae).

M: What's Jeokjeolhae? C: It's balanced pretty well.

JS: This one's really delicious.

C: To me this one's more delicious.

M: Give me some too! M: This one's prettier.

M: It's too salty.

JS: ?!C: This one?! M: Salty! H: Oh.

I put way too much sauce on! C: More than this one?! JS: But that one's way saltier.

C: I think this one.

the ingredients inside are.

C: grilled.

a little more.

B: It's burnt to perfection! B: Beautiful! M: Are you eating this one right now? C: Oh this one's this one! C: I'm getting confused now! M: Owners! JK: It broke down apart in the middle.


towards the end.

H: What's wrong with you? H: Yo! How did Head Chef Sean do this? H: This is bullsh*t.

JK: It's really uncomfortable when you eat it.

R: This one.

JS: The taste is stronger in that one.

R: There's way too much sauce in it.

JK: Too salty! JK: That one.

JK: Oh that's really no good.

R: This one too.

R: is too salty.

M: Right?! JK: I personally like this one more.

R: I personally like this one.

JS: This one.

5 points.

JS: This one.


5 points.

M: This tastes better so this is a 5.

M: and this is a 3.

C: If I come to Coreanos, I thinkI would choose that one over this one.

C: I'll give that one a 4.

C: and this one a 3.


5 C:.

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