Korean Chinese Food 짜장면 + 탕수육 + 볶음밥 – MUKBANG w/ GF

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Greet everyone This is fried rice.

Help me out Help me! Let's eat Aren't you hungry? You can speak you know.

Say something! ok.

Why are you so quiet? Just because.

Nice This is the first time I've seen fried rice like this Can you mix this up? You do it I want to show them some other stuff I'll do it then Are you supposed to mix this? No you don't mix that Ah, really? What is this? A mussel I didn't know the word though.

Lol lol clam.

It's not a clam? Is everything in view? Ok then let's eat Let's eat How is it? I haven't tried it yet! Ah I see You fool! It's good How is it? It's good Give me a spoon This is good too The sweet and sour pork? yea It's tasty How are you supposed to eat the fried rice? Just mix it a little bit Like this?.

Yea Move your chopsticks What is this again? I should translate it What? This.

The seafood Mussel? Mussel? Musel? Mussel.

Muscle? No it's different, different spelling What's wrong? Want some help? Yeah cut it for me What do you think is the best out of all of these? The noodles Can you give me some water? Oh it's right here You have to eat the noodles like this But there are a lot of people that aren't Korean who have seen mukbangs but don't like the slurping sounds Tell them that's how you're supposed to eat it I'm full You're full? Why'd you eat that pizza? Cuz I was hungry Just eat slowly You like the pork? Yeah, actually the sauce isn't my favorite though It's really sweet yea Have you tried the kimchi yet? Is it good? Yeah Try it, it's my style ptshh why? I don't wanna try it Try it! I'm not gonna eat it!! I'm really full You're full? You can't eat more? Just eat slow You're eating so much, really eating well Hey I didn't eat pizza earlier That's right I'm not that type of person.

– There's no napkins over here darn You don't eat chicken feet right? Are there a lot of Koreans who don't eat chicken feet? There are some Last bite for me Eat more, just slow Beji! Tell them about Beji's instagram What is it again? beji cat just beji cat? beji_cat You have to tell them that you can see a lot of various pictures of Beji I'm really full I can eat more.

We ate all this Wipe it off It's okay Did we finish all this? What's in here again? meat and? There are people who eat this part right? yea.

Of course Ah, but there must be a lot of people who don't eat it right.

People who eat all of it? Yeah after eating all the noodles.

I don't know Usually guys usually eat all of it Ah really? You're not gonna eat this? Nope It's been 30 minutes Oh, you got some sauce on you That's a birthmark I know Say bye Say "peace".