Kimchi Hot Pot with Udon and Ramen/ Lau Kim Chi (Vietnamese w/English CC)

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Welcome to CathyHa Cooking.

Today we're making a special dish for this weekend coming up.

What are we making? We're making Hot Pot Kim Chi.

It's a dish that's quick, delicious, warm and spicy.

Perfect for a gathering.

We have lots of ingredients as you see here, lots of veggies and seafood.

There's shrimp, calamari, clams.

And these are Korean fish cakes.

This is thick udon ramen.

This is the thick udon style.

And here's the fresh udon, tofu, and clear noodle.

Let's cut the white onion.

It'll make the broth sweet.

Now slice some fresh ginger to add a nice fragrance to the broth.

I'm using chicken broth.

Have it on a slight boil.

Then add in some Korean red pepper paste to the broth and let it dissolve.

Now add in the kimchi to the pot.

I have a bowl of it to season up the broth.

Oh, it's nice.

salty and spicy.

I'm adding a little sesame oil to the broth.

This will really make it smell so good and then a little soy sauce to taste.

If you like ramen, break it up and add it in to cook.

About 3-4 mins to cook.

Add in your noodles to cook them.

I know these noodles are a favorite among the teenagers now, specially when it comes to Korean food.

Koreans often add white radish to their soup to make the broth savory.

Let's do the same here.

Let's add in the clams.

These cook fast.

They're done once you see them open up.

Add in the shrimps too.

They cook fast.

Once they're pink, they're cooked.

Now add in the calamari.

The calamaris are so fresh at the market today.

They're already cleaned and ready to cook.

The broth is simmering now.

Now we need to add the green onion.

These add a nice flavor to to the broth too.

Add in the chrysanthemum spinach leaves.

Now some napa cabbage to the pot.

I have to get more people to come over to eat, or this pot will overflow.

I'm now adding the soft tofu.

This tofu reminds of the Vietnamese dessert tofu with ginger syrup.

The clams are the best! Let's get the opened ones.

Where are you guys?.

oh here.

Oh wow.

You have to seek out for your favorites.

Oh yeah, let's get the ramen noodles.

Mmmm, spicy.

It's hot too.

The kimchi is nice.

I want some udon.

When it's cooler outside and I'm eating warm noodles like this inside, so so good.

I hope I made you hungry enough to go out and get the ingredients and make some ASAP.

Thank you for joining me.

See you again soon!.

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