Kids trying new foods in China – McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut (EP8)

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McDonalds, McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chickenand a Pizza Hut.

McDonalds, McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut.

Warning this is sometimes food! Kids don't try this at home.

Some kids asked what restaurants that we have in New Zealand in China and we have McDonalds, Pizza Hutt and KFC.

Today we are going to be trying the bacon, lettuce, tomato, beef burger.

Double beef burger.

So, it's from McDonalds at it looks like this, so.

Let's see what it looks like without the wrapper on.

We'll give you a 360 of the burger.


I want some of the bacon.

Yum! Mmmm.

That's actually really good.

I'm goingto give it.

a four out of five.

I'm going to give it, it a.

Because it actually tastes.

it's really good.

I give it.

You really can taste the bacon and the beef and everything.

I give it six out of six it's so good.

Today I'll be opening this toy from McDonalds.

So let's open it.

So ask an adult to open it.


It's a book.

Let's open it.

So it's in Chinese and English.

Very cool.

Um, at our McDonalds they are celebratingthe new Minion movie so they've got heaps of Minion ish toys and food and stuff.

So,we are going to trying this like, I think it's banana flavour maybe?So let's try it.

It tastes a little bit caramelish? Like it'sreally hard to explain.

And I just need to show you something.

bye! KFC, KFC! I got this.

It's my new book and these arethe other ones you can get and I got this one.

This book shows the story of Mr Good, Little Miss Scary and Mr Mischief.

And this is funny, there's some characters.

You can see there is no English on it, but.

I'm going to be trying this new oat burger.

As you can see they've got oat on top of it.

It's really nice, the chicken has a little heat to it and it's really good, so I'm goingto give it a three out of five for this meal.

And I'd like to try a drink if I can finda straw.

I have, I don't actually know what.

It looks like an orangey drink.

I'm going to try it.

Yeah, it's definitely orange.

And it's really good so.

I'm going to be trying the shrimp burger.


Let's open it.

Let's try it.

You lost the contents out of it.

Don't like it? I rate it out of zero.

So I'm going to be trying this bean drinkspheres of jelly ish beans in it.

So let's try it.

It's a milk tea so.

It smells a bit milkish I guess.

Smells a bit like peach.

The tea taste nice but.

the jelly balls arequite chewy.

It's really good, I'm going to give it a thumbsup.

Today I'll be trying this, tea, this tea peachdrink.

Okay here we try.

It's actually really good.

We are going to be trying pizza and then thisone is like some type of sausage and capsicum one, so.

Yum, my pizza! What I like about it is that, I like the meat.

It's really nice.

Let's try it, it looks delicious.

Mmmm, can't bite it!.

Yum, let's have another bite.

It started raining.

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