kids try chinese food in China | preserved pig trotters (EP5)

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Hi guys welcome Munch Monday, my name is Mia.

My name it Halle.

Before we get started, we are going to do a shout out! To Foxton Beach Primary, Room 6, hi Eava and your class.

So, today I'm going to be trying, um, pig'strotter.

Okay, ta.

So, okay, Haha Ha It tastes really nice, I guess.

I want to try it! Not that bad, yummy! I'm going to rate this a three out of five.

It, because it was okay.

It wasn't 'wow',it was okay.

It was kind of nice, it tasted a bit.

it's really sticky.

And it tastedlike dried meat.

And, yeah.

I'm giving it, out of four because it wasnot that bad but it's just, was, not that spicy, but it's kind of spicy.

And it was reallysticky and it taste like wood, wood peanut meat.

See you guys next time on Munch Monday.

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Bye guys.