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Hello friend's today I am in Hyderabad andI meet one local Chef who is very good and expert in Hyderabadi and specially in IndianCuisine and he is happy to share Recipe's with us so it is very good for all of us toknow something very good and some Authentic Ideas and cooking method from him, so firsta fall today we are going to make Kadai Chicken which is very popular in all over the Worldbut it is very Special in Hyderabad and they know the Authentic Style Recipe very muchbetter than the other parts of India.

The man is going to teach us how to cook Restaurantlike Kadai Chicken which will give the same taste because he has worked in many IndianRestaurants for 17 Years.

He has very much experience in doing all of these, I reallyappreciate his afford.

He is not educated very much so he can speak only Hindi so Iam going to help you to Translate all of these in Hindi to English at my best possible leveland see these is the Aamir who is going to tell us how to make Restaurant like KadaiChicken so let's take a look at Ingredients first a fall.

You will need 200 gms Chicken for the Kadai Chicken, 1 large size Capsicum, 2 big Tomatoes,1 big Onion, then you will need Fennel seeds, Dried Coriander Seeds, Rai or Mustard Seeds,Cumin Seeds, Ajinomoto, Salt, Garam Masala, Dried Fenugreek Leaves, Coriander and CuminSeeds Powder, Red Chili Powder, Turmeric Powder, Garlic and Ginger Paste, Pure Ghee, Sugar,Poppy Seeds, Magajtari means Watermelon Seeds, then you need Whole Spices 5-6 Cardamoms,6-7 Cloves, 2 Sticks of Cinnamons Small, 1/4 tsp Shah Zira, he is going to use little Colorin it but you can use the real Saffron, some Coriander Leaves for Garnishing.

First a fall he is going to make the Puree from Seeds, he is putting everything in Blender,Poppy seeds and Magajtari means Watermelon Seeds Skinless, he is adding little Waterin it so we can make the Smooth Puree from it, now he is going to make Paste from it,now the paste id ready so he is going to keep this a Side.

First a fall he is heating 2 tsp Ghee, when Ghee get heated he is going to add Chickenin it and Stir Fry the chicken for some time, First a fall he is going to fry the Onion,Capsicum and Tomatoes, you have to shorten it for just 1-2 mins, in short you have tomake Vegetables Crispy.

you have to cook your onions 50% in Ghee so it will add good texturein your Curry, see it is looking very delicious, it is very good combination of three Colors.

Now he is stir frying chicken in the left ghee he is going to use same ghee in whichwe have fried the Onion, capsicum and tomatoes, you have to stir frying chicken just for 1 min, after1 min he is taking out the chicken from ghee, again he is adding 1 tsp of ghee, now he is addingwhole dry spices in ghee, cloves, cardamoms, cinnamons in short he is adding all dry spices,he is adding 1/2 tsp mustard seeds, 1/2 tsp Cumin seeds, 1/2 tsp dried coriander seeds, 1/2tsp Fennel seeds, these is smelling so amazing, now he is adding Garlic and Ginger paste,you have to roast your masala for just 1 1/2 min, now he is adding poppy seeds and Magajtari paste in it, roast the entirepaste until it become light golden brown, you have to roast your masala at very lowheat for around 10-12 mins, stir your paste every now and then so it don't stuck to thebottom, you have to use very less masala and paste and it should be dry, when it becomes light golden brown then he is goingto add dry spices ( ground spices ) in it.

First a fall he is going to add corianderpowder in it around 1/2 tsp, around 1/4 tsp turmeric powder, around 1/4 tsp red chilipowder, 1/2 tsp Garam masala, pinch of ajinomoto, around 1/2 tsp sugar, he is adding color nowbut you can use real saffron in it if you want, saffron is very expansive so they can'tafford in their cooking so they use good quality edible color, it is humid dry so he is addinglittle water in it, he has added 1/2 cup of water in it, look at this it is looking very delicious, now he is addingchicken in it and salt to taste, dried fenugreek leaves, after 5-6 mins our Kadai chicken willbe ready, it is very good recipe and it don't requires too much time in just 1/2 an houryou can cook this so it is really very good and it is looking very much like Indian RestaurantCurry because he is very expert in doing this, after 5-6 mins he is going to add all the vegetablesin it, you have to add your veges after water get absorb or your chicken get dry.

Now chicken is almost ready so now he is adding all the vegetables which we have shorten inghee for 1-2 mins, again he is going to cook it for 2-3 mins so all the flavors get mixed very well, you can see themulti color in it, it is looking very beautiful, now Kadai chicken is ready.

He is garnishing it with the Tomato, Capsicum,Onion and very little Coriander leaves.

Thank you Aamir for sharing such a nice and very deliciousrecipe and it is looking very much like a Restaurant Curry, really I am happy that heis ready to share some local Hyderabadi Style Indian recipes made from the chicken, he isalso going to share some other recipes with us so don't forget to watch other videos onthis Channel and I hope you have like this recipe so please subscribe to our channeland also like and share with your Friends and Family, once again thanks Aamir for sharingsuch a nice recipe with us.