Jules Cooked Some Awesome Indonesian Long Beans

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Hi, good morning to you.

Today we are at home and I actually still sick.

I guess I'll take you to the doctor tonight, we'll be back there tonight.

Certainly dinner and go to the doctor.

We've been drinking all antibiotics and still have not recovered so obviously we'll be back.

By the way Now Jules was out to the market, the traditional market.

And will buy vegetables and so for lunch today.

Hopefully we can see him for lunch when he returned.

Her sound he's been here, let's see.

Let's see if Jules had gone home.

Surely already.

Hey Jules.

[Julie] Hi guys.

How are you? [Julie] Very well.

Looking from the market? [Julie] Yeah, buy some vegetables.


[Julie] Well, so today we can of beans, [Julie] And look, this is really long.

Nearly one-half feet in length.

[Julie] So much is this two thousand rupiah or about [Julie] I do not know, ten or fifteen cents.

[Julie] And we eat it a lot when we were in Papua so I am very happy to buy it today.

[Julie] And we cook it with this, tempeh.

[Julie] Good, and I also bought the beans.

[Julie] And two tomatoes.

[Julie] Two tomatoes.

[Julie] And, [Julie] I dropped it.

[Julie] And eggplant.

All vegetables cost seven thousand, all of which I bought today.

[Julie] Seven thousand rupiah so about less than one dollar.

[Julie] Less than a dollar.

[Julie] We will eat it with rice.

[Julie] This is the easiest way to cook rice.

[Julie] This is my container.

[Julie] And there is a small glass.

[Julie] Down here, I keep all my dishes here.

[Julie] So when wet are stored here and the water dripped down here.

[Julie] So no plates, spoons, and measuring rice.

[Julie] This is a measuring cup that I use for rice.

[Julie] and this is where I store the rice.

[Julie] Therefore, [Julie] Usually there are animals here kacil, so my input in this container.

[Julie] and [Julie] Today I will cook four glasses.

[Julie] We need to wash the rice.

[Julie] Removing a small animal that is in the can.

[Julie] Because when you enter the water, small animals will float.

[Julie] So it can be issued.

[Julie] Also a small stone, No small animals today.

[Julie] No, not no small animals or rocks.

[Julie] This is my rice cooker.

[Julie] Put into here.

[Julie] is closed, now plugs here.

[Julie] and press this button to cook.

[Julie] Well, and we wait.

Cookernya rice so nice because we only put the rice, water.

Then you just push that button And that cooking the rice, you do not have to worry about it.

And when you're done cooking, it will move to the heat settings.

and can be left to heat for a full saherian if you want to.

So you just have to let it in there, you do not have to think about it until you want to eat it again.

So nice, if you want the rice cooker is no link below DI in the description where you can buy a rice cooker and try if you want.

[Julie] Okay we'll cut green beans, cut from unjungya.

[Julie] This is my favorite way [Julie] The simplest way you can be chopped, or use scissors.

[Julie] But I really like this, because I think better when sliced.

[Julie] I think it tastes better in pieces like this, [Julie] and thinner.

[Julie] Well, like this.

[Julie] But it took a long time to create this.

There are people here, I guess this is the garbage man.

Earlier he was here.

Oh, yes.

Now he's here, sir.

Yes, you are welcome.

So it was a garbage man.

And he was traveling maybe twice a week to haul trash They use trucks instead of the garbage truck.

They haul trash and it cost twenty-five thousand rupiah per month.

To pay their garbage hauling.

So it was about two dollars.

A month to transport garbage.

It is our affair with trash here and with our family.

Good guys, time passed and now Julie had started to cook our lunch.

Let's see what he does.

[Julie] Cut the tempeh into small squares.


This view looks like this.

Look at this.


Tempe are in pieces.

[Julie] Nuts are in pieces.

Nice and you're going to wear this.

This spice.

[Julie] I'll grind with this.

[Julie] And input tomatoes, I'll grind it also then use this flavor to the beans.

[Julie] And tempeh.

[Julie] And also these two sauces, this sauce.

[Julie] And this is a sweet soy sauce.

If you would like Julie made a video for you and show you how he's cooking beans, And tempeh and others.

Write a comment below, let us know and maybe we can get Jules to make the video on her channel.

If you want to see the channel him, There is a link here you can see him channel.

Where she cooked a lot of food for you and show how we do it here in Indonesia.

By the way I do some work.

And we go back when the time eating.

Lunch is served.

Look what we got here.

There tempeh with beans.

Chilli, tomato and others.

Which is Jules, what is it? [Julie] was eggplant.

Fried eggplant? [Julie] Yes [Julie] I use the eggs so it was extra special.

And of course rice.

Let's try.


I guess there was no rice on my lips.

No yes.

I guess there was no rice on my lips.

This is delicious, I could not really feel it.

I am still sick.

But I could feel it a little bit.

[Julie] So you can ask the kids.

Tasty, I want to try the fried eggplant with eggs.

I think this is too bad.

It looks good, I do not know.

I can not feel it.

[Julie] Then I asked Seth.

Well, let's ask Seth.

How does it feel? [Seth] So good he is.

[Sarah] It's delicious.

[Sarah] I really like peanut length.

Long beans.

Good, let's ask the cook.

If the cook does not like, then they are in trouble.

[Julie] Plumbers say this exceptional cooking.

It was perfect.

Thank you Jules.

My shoes got a big problem, you can see, Seams apart behind the back is okay but in the back regardless.

The boots are usually like that, there are builders who go around and shouted the soles of shoes.

That she sewed back like a shoe cobbler.

So we'll give this to be fixed now.

This sewing or how? [Cobbler] In sewing.

Like what? Like this, to come in here? Ok / Yes, thank you very much.

Yes Yes.

He very quickly fix this, only about maybe ten minutes or fifteen minutes to fix both shoes.

And it looks like he did it well.

And this is the seams, like this.

Nevertheless in you can see the seams.

For that cost twenty-five thousand to fix both shoes.

So the second sew shoes all twenty-five thousand.

twenty-five thousand for the second shoe.

It looks very cheap, less than two dollars to fix it, so We give him extra to help him.

He was a very good man, Now that I've finished shoes.

[Julie] So now around five in the afternoon, Sarah and Seth had finished school.

[Julie] So they decided to make a video to fit the channel or channels Sarah me? [Julie] So this video on my channel.

[Julie] But they still make it, so let's see what they make? It would have been nice.

[Julie] Hi guys.

[Julie] Video you of what? [Sarah] We make the egg challenge.

[Julie] Egg challenge / [Julie] You smack it into your head.

[Seth] We did not know it was still raw or boiled.

[Julie] How many are already in seized, how many are raw? [Sarah] Three raw and three boiled.

[Julie] So if you want to see what kind challengenya, you should watch the video on my channel, later.

[Julie] This week yes.

Okay, Saturday.

Saturday time Indonesia.

six in the morning.

If you want to watch the video.

[Sarah and Seth} Rock, scissors, paper.

[Seth] I win.

You must be at it hard.

[Seth] If it fits meal will flow everywhere.

[Sarah] Good.

[Julie] So it was funny to be watched, so if you want to watch the entire video.

Videos they create, you need to channel my Julie Johnnson.

This weekend.

That is good.

Good guys, it's late, almost dark.

It's time to go out and find food, Kids said wuhu and they can also find pokemon outside.

[Sarah] I need power, totally dead.

[Seth] I also.

They are again talking about pokemon: D So we will pass a pokemon.

It was nice because we went through many streets pokemonnya.

And, I'll try to find the hard drive also Dinner.

And go to the doctor again.

Surely, we'll see.

Maybe we'll tired we did not go to the doctor.

Or maybe things that we should not miss.

But we'll see.

Now we're at a computer store looking for a hard drive as I said.

So this is what we purchase, this 1 TB.

And a free bag.

This is what we buy.

Not too fancy but this is what I need because my hard drive is full.

Daily vlogging takes up a lot of memory.

Good guys, now we go.

Dinner and then to the doctor.

Now we are in the restaurant, and I want to bring you into but we made a special video And will be addressed to you later about this restaurant, okay.

So go in, eating and going to the doctor.

Okay already finished eating and costs about one hundred thousand rupiah, or about eight dollars.

Well, go to the pharmacy.

Her doctor here.

Through this way.

Area doctors.

There are sick people here, so I will not record here, ok.

Both of you, as if by magic we've returned home.

And she gave the drug to drink.

if it does not recover, but I would drink it for a few days and we'll see, hopefully, Signs of this infection soon pass.

Because it can not feel anything or inhale anything.

But we'll see.

By the way we meet again tomorrow.

And until then, as always Julie say Keep smiling :).

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