Jesse 911: Mascalzone Italian Kitchen

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Whats up everyone, one of the most popular foods in town is pizza! And I brought you to a good bomb place.

MASCALZONE ***MUSIC PLAYS** How long have you been making pizza? 23 years What is your favorite pizza to make? Every pizza is my favorite to make.

because I love pizza! Hey whats up everyone!? I'm over here at Mascalzone and I'm gonna try a pizza that they did very amazing, very creative.

I have the flower one I feel very special.

and I will give you guys a little review.

mmmmm This is very very very good! Not only is it very creative, it has all the pizza, all the flavor in it.

It feels a little more than just a pizza.

You can feel the love of it! Of Mr.

Ray that he did with the cooking in the back of the kitchen.

This is the pizza that's been in the magazine.

I want to see what it is all about.

Its the "Mascalzone".

Half Calzone and half pizza.

hmmmmm!! Of all the flavors I have here.

I can taste the olive, its a great combination with the pizza I haven't really had this big of olives on the pizza before but it goes great! Wow!It gives it an amazing taste! What a treat and honor that Mascalzone has chosen Houston as their first American city from London to Houston For more information for Mascalzone, please check their website and on their social media platform that I will have linked down below.

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