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What up Food Tube it's DJ BBQ and I am here with our antipodean brotherin, Guy from Bondi Harvest, what's up Guy? Hiya brother, all good? I'm good, say something quintessentially Aussie Strewth! There we go.

How's that? Now you guys have been travelling all across the world, cooking outdoors, on the go, in kitchens.

Super healthy and tasty food.

Now what have you got for us today? A twist on a Jamaican classic, Jerk Chicken, the party dish.

It's the sharing dish.

This is summertime, covered in chicken and grilled off.

You know, go for a surf come back on the beach, share it with your buddies, drink beer.

That's the way it is meant to be done.

So first up it's the onion, now everything needs onion in.

And we are going to use chilli as well, so scotch bonnets are what I said are traditionally used.

But to be honest I can't handle the heat in that so we are going to use this tasty chilli pepper I'm going to go seeds in You guys taking notes on this? Next up we are going to go some coriander, we going to go storks and if we had roots we'd throw them in too.

Make it rain coriander.

Cilantro to my friends on the other side of the Atlantic.

Some ginger, a big old thumb size of ginger.

About 3cm or so.

I'm obsessed with Ginger at the moment too, I'm putting it in everything.

Long thyme, awesome, herbaceous.

This is the base of your sauce right? It is the base yep.

So just a teaspoon of cinnamon straight in there.

A teaspoon of all spice in there too.

2 teaspoons of brown sugar 1 teaspoon of white sugar.

So we need some bbq sauce in this one, so tell me how about this little fella? That's DJ BBQ sauce, my friend from Bloody Hello Hot Sauce helped me make it and that's his signature bottle.

So how much of this do you want in there? A good glug.

We need some spiced rum so we are going to put a little of that in there too.

All the flavours, all the spices, the ginger, the chilli, the garlic that's going to marinade in to the chicken.

Alright I'm going to go blitz this.

You want it really smooth and runny so it all goes together.

Just make sure you bring it back though! Because this is such a good sharing dish, you know if you're doing a bbq, you take it to someones house.

then chuck in a bag, marinade it for 12 hours, take the bag out, take it to the party.

So I've got to massage this and put it in the fridge overnight, the longer the better really, with all the flavours it will make it tender and sexy and awesome.

So here's one we've done earlier.

We will get this on the bbq.

We've got direct heat on this side, and indirect heat over here.

We're going to give them this sear over here on this heat.

I want to get the colour on them over here but I don't want to burn them.

And switching them over to the indirect side will keep them tender and gorgeous.

Look at that, that's what we are after, some crispy skin.

So that's what we are talking about, beautiful, caramalisation, not burnt.

We want them charred, we want crispy skin.

Alright whilst you are banging on those chicken drums, I'm doing a pineapple salsa.

Top tail, skin off.

I'm going to go straight down and take a cheek off.

We're not going to use it all so, might go battons mate what do you reckon? Oh yeah you're going to douse it first aren't you? Yeah it's going to get a little drink.

So we're putting some rum in there, spiced rum 150ml Pineapples on, so we've got some avocados, seed out, in to wedges.

So this salsa is awesome , especially with the pineapple and creamy avocado, awesome light fresh herbs.

Then in to the bowl, same with the onion, peel it slice it, not too big, not too small then straight in to the bowl.

So zest of two lemons, zest of two limes.

All those beautiful flavours and oils come out and go in to there, its unbelievable and it's really important.

So we're just going to juice now after our rinds in there.

It's ready bro Look at the colours on that.

Mr camera man can you give the pineapple to Guy.

Thanks man! Some mint, going to roughly put some herbs in there.

Coriander as well will go in there in a second.

Just all these flavours go so well together.

Dice this pineapple up.

In to the bowl.

Salt and pepper seasoning.

Give it a good mix.

Look at that.

Start to plate this up.

I like to put the salad straight on the chopping board, it makes it easier to share.

I'm going to pass it to you, lets get it on there.

Make it rain lime.

It looks so good bro.

Time to eat? Yeah man! Let's do it! What do you reckon? Ah that mint, the coriander with that grilled pineapple.

Just summery, zesty, fruity, tangy.

A beautiful balance with that char on the chicken and the jerk twist you did.

Now that is an awesome platter of tasty food.

That's Guy from Bondi Harvest, make sure you hit his box for more crazy adventures as he travels the planet.

And of course I've got a box on the screen as well, DJ BBQ.

And also if you want more grilling recipes hit that box man.

Thanks for watching! Thanks for showing me your recipe Guy! My pleasure buddy any time at all.

Can I come see you in Aus? Hell yeah.

Thanks for watching guys, catch you later!.

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