Japanese Try Thai Snacks (Part 2)

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Most delicious in eating up here.


How many times, I think I was saying, "I Mmm"? today.

It is Shinichi and Satoshi.

Thai food review today, It is the second time.

This Thai sweets, has a very good experience.

If you have not seen Part 1, but please have a look.

Bus's sent me this, Thank you very much.

Such wonderful food in full.

See you because you go to Thailand! Let's get started! The first one, Purettsu! What flavor? 3 boxes sent to me.

Together last time with, sent me the 6 kinds of Purettsu.

Since the last time I three, the rest today.

Patch catcher seafood.

I do not know what the, I think that it is stir-fry.

I feel that ate a long time ago.

Like it was very painful.

This is also I'm very thin.

This is, I fit the absolute beer.

So, I bought a beer! Promise it as described.

You may have wondered Maybe.

Although I've taken part 1 this a little before, So, wearing the same clothes.

Because because the same clothes.

I and Part 1.

It Thai herbs.

This is delicious.


This is delicious best! But it was a lot pretzels.

It seafood fried like a taste.

Fit to beer? You know what told you many times, "I Mmm"? This is, Raab taste.

This is, that's a normal thickness.

Perhaps, to feel that I ate in Thailand.

Yeah, taste ate a long time ago.

This is, taste spicy shrimp.

This also a thin type.

Raise two.

I think fits well with the beer's fine.

Biscuits less, seasoning is Koku'.

This is a little also sour.

Sour, salty, but a little sweet, Thai food.

The following is given, can not be read at all.

This picture, but bus of friends.

Kokae? You say something.

Give me give me! It amazing, this.

Nante's intense is so wasabi.

Really strong wasabi.

Those intense is so wasabi, it is never eaten.

Lips've been tingling.

This again, is TARO.

TARO is a barbecue-flavored fish.

This is also I'm fit and beer.

I fish in the picture is drawn.

Surely, I think this also a fish.

BBQ taste of fish candy.

Huh? BBQ of fish? I guess what I.

To taste the same as Japan.

Very cheap.

10 baht.

About 30 yen? It's the same taste as similar to that in Japan.

But I have a strong taste of fish is soft and Japan is given.

This is very similar to it.

Not bad.

The following is this, maybe candy tablet.

Yeah, I'll was the last time.

Smell of milk? Burp was? I'm sorry.

This wonder if chocolate? cocoa? Milk Cocoa? A little cocoa? Maybe That's cocoa.

It tastes like hot chocolate is.

This tablet candy, I like.

Bag like a of of this pharmacy.

If you do not know the contents, I think that I think that the medicine of Habutaipu.

Look to medicine.

I, probably like a bag of medicine, and was written numbers.

I wonder, this number is Package is a Buddha.


The numbers? phone number? It is so long? Mango next, that have been dehydrated.

That's a continuation of the previous dry fruit.

I think there was a strawberry and cherry tomatoes.

You are strawberry, I liked the tomato.

Mango today! Both our two people love mango.

Mango Lovers.

It is so large.

Half charged.

We'm like dried mango.

I really.

I also like fresh of.

I of course.

It is good.

Not too dry.

There remains a place juicy fruit.

This series I really liked.

It's strawberry was also juicy.

It has been dehydrated, not too dry.

I heard that "dehydration", but I thought a considerable flaky or, It was not a so.

Mellon next, that have been dehydrated and mango.

Red meat melon.

It's dry melon.

Here of mango, delicious blended mango.

It seems that two kinds of color during.

Dark's and thinner color.

I guess that contains the different types of things.

I wonder, such any kind of thing.

It smells different.

Different from the mango ate a little while ago.

It's mango, I As you can see.

But not the taste of mango.

Thinner is ish mango color.

Dark person, I feel ish sweet potato is.

Interesting texture.

Flavor and taste.

I Unlike the usual dry mango.

Here of red meat melon, Fun.

Eat may be? Very interesting.

Mango's, it was quite a shock.

Without the taste of mango.

This is a red meat melon.

That's a very good texture.

It is not so hard, It's a little crispy.

It as if just eating melon.

I do not know what to do to express in English.

I'm more of red meat melon, love.

Than mango.

Normally I like better of mango.

The red meat melon is delicious.

Texture to be wonderful.

Very interesting.

The following is, banana chips.

Homusonbanana I guess Thai banana surely.

All Natural.

It's bananas is caught many in Thailand When you go to the suburbs to drive, there was a lot of banana trees.

Oh, I want to go to Thailand.

That's bananas really.

I wonder if the taste is attached? so? Kana bananas only? Yeah, you with the taste.

It does not have.

It banana itself.

But a little spicy scent.

This is the Thailand of bananas.

This is it.

When I went to Thailand, banana was always like this taste.

Seemed was the case.

Very rich taste.

Kke'm small? Maybe so.

do not know.

Picture That's normal size.

But, I think the taste seems quite different do.

This it has been fly.

So, that contains the oil in the material.

"Vacuum frying process" I do not know what things, We're using a very advanced technology.

Huh? Like a Are instant noodles? There is one more.

This is, I think that it is some kind of milk tea.

Without sugar.

It seems to be the brand Preaw.

Have entered into this kind of package, It is written as one 70 calories.

Let's open this one package.

I because you are drinking beer.

I drink.

Soon return.

How can I put this in hot water, or milk that's, I think.

I do not know.

Well, let's in hot water.

Try to put in a little bit of hot water.

Anything good.

Right back.

Maybe I was right.

We put in hot water.

This powder? so.

Smell the Thai milk tea as it is.

I mean Thailand tea.

Yeah, I entered the condensed milk always.

It's very sweet.

This sugar is not included.

It is, as I wonder if no sugar condensed milk that? This was sweet.

Well, maybe, I'm it contains artificial sweeteners.

t delicious.

It will be the taste of Thai tea.

The Thai become the taste of tea, I wonder what a.

Kana leaves is the difference? I think'm different kinds of tea leaves? I feel like between the Chinese tea and tea.


I'm looking forward to drink this.

Remaining after 3 pack.

Jaumon drinking is I later all.

What are you saying.

Habit 's not so much love.

Milk tea.

But tea is like.

But milk tea will not like? He's say always.

I milk tea can not understand.

But I'm always drinking.


Mine is always say is, because milk in coffee'm saying do not understand.

I even milk tea.

No, no.

Just a lie! I to not drink coffee, It's tea only, To know everyone, this is.

Of you I say always.

We "can not always tell milk to tea.

" I, I'm putting everyone.

No comment.

What is today a favorite? Today's favorites, This is very easy.

because I love you.

The Thai tea.

I see.

I understand that.

I'd say if there is this also in Japan.

My favorites wasabi.

It was very intense.

But the taste is I'm very good.

Very intense.

I think really so.

There is a perfect vegetarian.

If you choose from food, It's the first one.

Purettsu? The What this patcher.

This is very tasty.

very delicious.

It was very delicious.

This is of me! Damedamedame! Send me! Did you how? Please, let your impressions in the comments.

Which do you eat like most? Bus's, so much a lot of delicious things, thank you very much! Things really tasty, was just wonderful.

It was just what you favorite likely.

It would fit in beer.

If you do not become a part 1 yet to see, but please click the above (i).

I because there is a lot of food reviews to other.

Thank you for seeing.

Also thank you channel registration.

Also let's take your eyes!.

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