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You today.

Welcome to TabiEats.

It is Shinichi and Satoshi.

Today, Thai food! Since I had a lot of things, today is the part 1.

I because you can immediately be Part 2.

My friends, is very grateful to the bus's.

Lived in Thailand, really it sent me a lot today.

Really really thank you! Also I I want to meet in the near future ~! Let's eat rice! Let's get started.

The first one, It is an example of potato chips.

I think that it is potato chips.

Huh? The read Thai? Unreadable.

Just read the notation of English.

I think maybe pronunciation and I'm very different.

I love potato chips.

Smell potato chips.

Kana coriander? It coriander.

And sweet.

We've got a coriander love both of them.

People who like'm like, this.

The following are, perhaps, taro.

Taro, sweet potatoes of taro? Hmmm, the picture that has been written, it's like bonito.

Even some sushi here.

Well, how tuna.

It is written with the most delicious Korean food.

Heck would what do you taro.

It is also written Hangul, here.

You're right.

It is written, Taro fish snack.

After all, I do not know.

Please Come on.

I'm certain that something similar to Japan.

I there.

Nante call in Japan? do not know.

I'm not sure after all.

Huh taste of fish in Japan.

I because the knob of the liquor.

Ne of beer Toka.

Taste of the fish is.

Kana squid? In English, in a fish called taro, it is written with the taste of Korean seaweed.

seaweed? I wonder if that of South Korea glue? truly? But, I do not like that taste.

At the snack of fish that taro, flavor of Korean seaweed.

This, how taro of meat? Taro that we have thought, huh sweet potatoes.

So, sweet potatoes when saying taro.

I'm sure I think fish that do.

It is fish I Taro? It either, this brand Kamoyo.

I do not know.

Like? That's delicious.

It's likely to love even for beer.

I also like this.

But, it does not is seaweed-ish taste.

The following are There are two types.

It is written I Atri.

It is written in Japanese.

Hiragana and are also written in English.

Company called Twin Lotus.

Give me me also.

That's spicy likely.

This is something.

What is this? "Super delicious" Yellow paprika, Red paprika garlic, Salt and pepper.

It's a mix of things not sweet.

This also very fit likely and beer.

Thank you very much.

next, can not read.

It's two there.

It is the candy of tablet type.

I think maybe likely.

Somehow, this package is, I feel like the medicine is.

Somehow, like a look at the pharmacy.

The previous was written a number, A lot of numbers.

Milk like a smell.

what is this? Even 15 baht.

Very ne cheap.

This is really candy? Or something or medicine of the stomach? I think it's candy.

I think like Japanese milk cake.

Yeah, it's delicious.

Feeling soft types of milk cake.

Pray that not a medicine.

Absolutely different me.



I was very surprised.

Because the package is not that delicious.

But delicious.

The following snacks, Is Purettsu.

It is Japan's candy.

But, this is from Thailand.

Initially Pizami.

The second is taste Tom Yum Goong.

Last spicy BBQ.

Tom Yum taste're not in Japan.

It's not even spicy BBQ.

Pizza is? do not know.

never seen.

It is a maybe.

Really? do not know.

Nde I do not buy Purettsu.

Someday, I guess trying to do in Japan of Purettsu review.

Everyone What do you think? First, let's go from the pizza flavor.

Purettsu looks may because divided by everyone.

That's very pizza.

This would be amazing.

This is also fit to beer.

Feel the taste of Peperoni.

Singha necessary.

Really taste of Peperoni firmly.

Cheese, tomato sauce, really it's pizza.

The following is Tom Yum Goong Wonder if spicy of There is also in our favorite soup.

Taste of lemon grass is.

I spicy.

It is painful.

Another please.

This is delicious.

This is because I do not have a strong enough pizza taste.

Pizza taste was strong.

Strong taste is willing to come from after is.

Finally spicy BBQ flavor.

This is I'm fine.

Somehow, it's about half of the other things.

Why thin I would.

More kana because taste stick? This is also just good beer.

Taste of BBQ sauce is.

I thought I've got the taste of the meat is.

That's BBQ sauce.

Which I like? That's Tom Yum.

Truth Pizza mine likes is.

The next fruit mania.

Fruit of Longan Longan looks tropical fruit.

Very is juicy do.

It was like lychee, But a little different.

When you eat the first time, I was surprised at the juiciness.

It was very delicious.

Since the color is brown, It looks'm invisible to the delicious, Exactly.

But delicious.

I like better than Longan lychee.

Who Longan feel is sweet.

This is I wonder if a dry longan.


Color is brown.

Raw because it very clear color.

It's white.


The name of this company is "Ichiro".

Is written I Ichiro made.

Ichiro wonder if baseball players? And or have company in Thailand.

Next, when viewed from the package, something of nuts like.

I think this is probably peanuts.

There is a "surbo-Huo vegetarian".

Who wonder the people of the package.

Maybe, it is a bus of friends.

But his snack of do.

Mon, which is similar to him.

Smell is a peanut.

It peanuts.

I taste of coconut is us to mild.

Thai food, but I would imagine a pretty intense flavor, Very creamy.

Like peanut butter.

This I also good beer.

That's anything beer.

The next, and dehydrated tomatoes Dehydration strawberry that's interesting.

I was dehydrated.

Kana dry tomatoes? The it was dehydrated, the same kana a normal dry fruit? This is really really, it appears to strawberries.

Is true! It's really strawberry.

Smell That's strawberry.

And very soft, Moist.

Maybe that contains the sugar.

Very sweet.

That's 20 percent of the sugar.

I really like to eat strawberries and eat a big one.

Of course, it's a real strawberry, small for a little dry.

And very soft, not that juicy? This is tomato.

Very interested.

This would imagine're riding on the muffin.

Thank you.

Dehydrated tomatoes.

I like a smell Italian cuisine.

I tomatoes.

I wonder if those of tomatoes is delicious.

I prefer strawberry.

truly? that's interesting.

I usually, I like those of strawberries.

And he liked the tomato.

But, now reverse.

Why do you like more of strawberry? Because, mon'm delicious.

Tomato is not delicious? I honestly, honestly.

Since the taste of ordinary tomatoes and is is different.

I this tomato, I like.

It also contains sugar.

Ne 25%.

That's quite a lot.

So very sweet.

I did not think so dry tomato is delicious.

Today's the last of the snacks this series.

This wonder if the name of the company? It is written I Bento.

Even though, I think that it is not in the lunch box.

I Because Bento is a lunch box in Japanese.

Appearance, ish very Japanese thing.

Japan's fly picture is drawn.

Octopus has a fan of the Japanese flag.

Wonder if this I, dried squid or octopus of the? It is written, squid, seafood snacks.

All different taste.

Seen only one.

This suite and Spicy.

But others can not read.

I wonder What is this "5".

I mean 5 sheets? The first one first, Orange package This is probably painful.

Picture of the fire is drawn.

Smell is very intense.


It seafood aroma is very.

Very, very tasty.

Let's go a convenience store! To buy a beer! Spicy! Spicy spicy It came to the throat.

Taste of chili pepper.

Next, you and Suites & spicy Smell is the same.

The taste is completely different.

5 of me is, you were not a level of hotness? The last of the blue.

I do not know what the taste.

You can not read at all.

Spicy This contains three.

But others do not contain only two, this is three.

I sweet.

This I also different taste.

Very, fermented taste.

What though.

I feel the seafood is.

Which I liked best? It is difficult today.

All fit in beer.


Very surprised.

But this is not a beer-facing, The taste was very good.

I liked the Longan.

I think this does not agree with the beer? 'Cause sweet.

I'm wondering it between Purettsu and crisps of pizza taste.

Please teach this name can be seen.

Was a taste that has not eaten in Japan.

Between pizza and potato chips, I choose the potato chips.

Taste no other.

And delicious.

How was it? Please tell us your thoughts.

Which one was the most delicious? Bus-san, thank you very much.

The so many of Thailand's delicious things.

It was very interesting, it was also fun to somehow imagine.

Painful Thank you also.

I mon you know of my love of spicy.

Part 2 also you can immediately.

Until then Please look forward to.

Thank you very much.

In Thai?.

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