Japanese Try Italian Snacks and Treats PART 2(Food Haul)

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Your favorite, probably Amaretto? No.

really? This is difficult.

None much the same, love.

I do not know you read what, this is delicious.

Chao! Welcome to TabiEats.

Is Shinichi.

It is Satoshi.

Today, Italian food review, is the second time.

Isostatic Mr.

Thank you very much.

Of delicious things like this a lot.

Because really got the thing a lot, done separately.

Second time today.

Really, there is what is fun.

let's start.

It seems to chips.

So, at the same lime.

Surely, I think lime and red pepper.

This is, I Chips.

Smell like vinegar is.

But, this is a lime.

Refreshing feeling.

I never potato chips ate of taste lime.

Me too.

Taste of this lime, glowing very.

It's a good start.

next, do not know.

do not know.

Water, sugar, Zucchero Carbonate and a dye, What flavor of the, I do not know.

It looks like cola.


It's Campari.

Campari! I wonder if that contains alcohol? Campari soda like it? I love you.

My favorite.

Chip Star Is that so? "Tree" not a Ppusuta? Because there is no "h".

That, try to read the form below.

Maybe, meaning, I think, "can not stop!".

I'm sure, I think the meaning of the "great, great, great.

" Sakkusaku A little taste cheese? Maybe, it's cheese.

I wonder if made of corn? the material is, It sweet potatoes.

Maybe, it's gonna be in Palma de Mallorca.

It's just sweet potatoes.

Cheese is not turned on.

I do not write the cheese.

That's the taste of the potato.

The next thing is very interesting.

never seen.

I've opened another, There is the 1858 founding.

once again, Maybe there from the corresponding previous product, or it's long or company is.

As Nutella.

Smell as Nutella.

I wonder if a little soft.


Try to eat wearing the toast.

Tell me how compared with Nutella.

It's really hot today.

I Tokyo.

Smoother than Nutella.

Is that so? Smoother than Nutella? The taste? the same? It is very similar.

This is delicious.

Eat hanging out with a spoon, This is me different from Nutella, notice.

Nutella like a taste.

Taste like peanut butter.

It smooth-ish, It a little soft, But, dark.

A contradiction? But, darker than Nutella.

I taste.

I do not talk properly.

next, Very thick chocolate.

Like a brick.

That's a brick of chocolate.


It crispy.

It does not contain crispy ones in.

Not a powder But as of powder.

I had no longer know what to say, Explanation is difficult to.

Taste of delicious chocolate.

Like a fine crystal sugar, Break like this.

It becomes as crystal.

Never like this to eat was.

Hard to explain.

Very tasty.

Let's next go.

Next, we came into a very beautiful box.

This package.

Looks delicious.

As pastry.

I wonder if a company called Dere' de Italy.

well done.

I do not know somehow.

In very cute cookie, The shape of the flower.

This is what the, I do not know.

It smells of butter.

Danish cookies like.

As drifting from aluminum cans.

soft! As of shortbread cookies.

It melts in the mouth.

Really soft.

Not flavor of lemon? Even 25% butter.

What do you mean? Lips have been slippery.

For example, the lips? Greasy.

It is, negative 's a representation.

Oily? It is also negative.


My lips have become smoothly.

This is a very great.

Italy of you, is this what taste? What's next? The following is an umbrella in the form of candy.

Very pretty.

That's Linz.

Well, Well, it is chocolate.


I want to eat want to eat.

White do it.

I white chocolate.

This is lovely.

My umbrella, are bent.

Smooth white chocolate.

Very good quality white chocolate I'm glad if there is tea.

Like this can.

Even if there is no content, cans you want to keep.

cookie? Try sniffing smell.

So, amaretto.

I see.

Very strong smell.

In crispy, moist.

White sugar is lucky to above.

Would not it dry.

I think that this is wine and fits very well.


I do not that would suck the moisture in the mouth.

Eat all alone.

The following is a banana.

banana? Thing something white during the.

Kana cream.

cream? It banana flavor.

Banana chocolate.

Banana cream chocolate.

Such banana flavor of chocolate is the first time.

The following is this, Classic latte Togo I wonder if you mean to go? I think it 's not.

Maybe, huh Togo.

Latte milk.

As chocolate biscuits.

That's milk chocolate.

Let's eat.

here you go.

Kana company called Pareshi? I never heard.

I think there is a snack something similar to Japan.

I'd think the Kit Kat.

The Kit Kat will contains the caramel.

Not included in this.

Huh? It has entered? Huh? It did not contain? I certainly.

Really? Biscuits and say either.

Biscuit is no hard, nor dry, Jealousy and was flavorful with.

Milk chocolate is also to not too sweet, The ratio of this chocolate and biscuits sounds great.

This is the perfect balance.

Very tasty.

The following is a rocket coffee.

Rocket coffee? ? Probably pocket! ! ! Pocket or It looks like things I contains the coffee in.

Maybe in the espresso.

Package of picture, as chocolate is poured a cup of coffee.

It's an interesting concept.

Because I do not drink coffee, 'll Let you try.

It coffee.

Real coffee? delicious? It is sweet and coffee bitterness of chocolate.

Matching very well.

Very strong coffee.

It is growth representation.

next, Raphael? This would be selling in Japan.

Have you ever seen before.

There was across the street from the store.

But I have not seen for years.

I to 100 yen shop.

here you go.

Kana truffle of the? If correct, that I can remember, this is coconut.


Very delicious.

I love coconut.

So, I love this Raphael.

I think very tasty.


Bubble gum.

There, this Jan English.

Cotton candy bubble gum.

Maybe, I guess it is the meaning of the bubble gum.

Like a sponge.

Is true.

As lag.

I carpet.

Feeling compressed cotton candy.

Since beginning of the interval cotton.

In, change to the bubble gum like a magic trick.

Finally, it is the last of today.


I wonder if gelatin? I think this is probably, it is hard candy of milk taste.

Hard candy? Contents'm like this.

That's tablet.

So, tablet.

Taste that reminds me of my childhood.

Milk cake.

I Yamagata.

Milk cake? Yeah that's right.

Milk cake's not hard.

Similar to his country of taste.

If you want to know what kind of things, Press is in the above (i), we look at the description field below.

Since then the mountain of food reviews have long ago.

Huh last year.

Everyone I'm do not know to say to Tsu milk cake of Yamagata.

It's very tasty.

I Satoshi do not like.

I'm so much.

I like it.

Much he can hear me, "the eating Why?".

I love is.

The Gallatin is very similar.

But completely different, they taste similar.

Because I like milk cake The Gallatin also like.

Your favorite is probably Amaretto.


This would be difficult.

I like much the same all.

I do not know what Read Nante, I like this.

Cookies like shortbread.

Fruity, looks very butter.

Italy of you, this, please tell me whether Nanimi are.

very delicious.

My favorite is, rocket coffee.

It "pocket"! is that so.

why? Because I like coffee.

Chocolate espresso.

I see.

It is eaten at the same time.

I think that delicious Once in one of this in the coffee.

Or today of Italian food review was how? Those who ate today, like all.

Isostatic's, I sincerely thank.

Because there one more time.

Thank you for seeing.

Or favorites Why then? Please, tell me.

Other videos also please do not miss it.

So, goodbye!.

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