Japanese Try Italian Snacks and Treats (Food Haul)

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Hello everyone.

Today Friday, is anything there on Friday! Overseas food review again today.

Today is Italy! Italian.


Thank you Mr.


Good's friends isostatic is, sent me a lot of food.

45 is the type.

Tanto Thank you for the things of the lot.

There are really many things.

So much so, it has done three times.

The first time today.

Let's get started! The first is this drink.

Yellow drink.

That's this bottle is feeling good.

Hey or pineapple, I guess lemon I guess carbonate Maybe huh carbonate.

It ish carbonate.

Maybe, brand "Tassoni"? maybe.

Let's open.

Today it's very hot.

It was cold last night to be strange.

Put the ice, and pour.

Can I do refresh.

That's carbonate.

cheers! I wonder if I say in Italian? "Prost!" It's German.

"Cock!" Huh? Is that so? Very sweet.

Sour guess not.

I thought I wonder if a little sour.

It is at all.

Kana lemon? A little feel to the taste of lemon is.

I do not know.

I do not read.

Sugar and.

If it is very refreshing, I wonder if sweetness stand out.

I like it.

Lemon Poi taste It sweeter than carbonate of Japan.

The following are chips.

Kana chips of the? I think that it is perhaps likely – It is made of semolina.

I wonder if and read? I think different.

It scent of rosemary.

Very strong.

Really, as the herb itself.

As of freshly picked herbs.

What of the scent I would.

Even the smell of natural rosemary.

English that is written? is that so.


Wine want.

Yeah, this is delicious.

Wine want.

wine! I heard.

I want also me.

next, Phone Gees Gris-originality It would be mean.

I think Restaurant package, do not know really.

Non-Furitti Maybe it is, but it's non-fried.

The Ino What this "Furomajio" I think cheese.

Something not fried cheese.

It seems of Cheetos.

Cheetos? I think cheese-ish.

It smells really like cheese.

Wine required.

Parumejano register Arno Wine required.

We need a wine today.

I also do so.

It is very tasty.

This eat I all.

We'll slapped.

The following is a "Baikori".

The famous Venetian biscuits.

But English.

You're English is written.


Eaten along with this! I because we received also bruschetta.

One artichoke Another pistachio.


I tried to open.

It is the very beautiful molded.

But, it is the sweet smells.

I do not think so? It smells like something milk.

I thought I gonna paste for this bruschetta, It might be different.

Previously Let's base just this.


It's like milk.

It is very tasty.

But, it does not mean that for the meal.

I wonder what about, this is a kind of Suites Or, Kana meal orientation of the? I do not know well, I think we are a kana kind of Suites.


Next is a paste for this bruschetta.

So, you can open.

It is a wonderful smell.

This we have wine.

I also think so.

Oh, good smell.

Delicious Italian restaurant smells.

Immediately let's eat.

I try to eat it with bread that has been bought.

I think delicious and put in decent bread, Since there is only Japanese bread.


Mine is artichoke, Mine is pistachio.

This is true.

Artichoke is also great! Tomato Kana, this.

This is never seen in Japan.

But even as I found if, I think very high.

Thank you, Mr.


Material of this delicious bruschetta.

next, Kana cookies.

Wonder if the fact that 1950 was founded? I think the smell is a cookie.

I was looking forward to.

Smell sounds good.

It seems nuts.

Nuts of smell? Kana nuts of the? do not know.


Somehow, something of nuts like.

Kana almond cookies? The taste of red wine? do not do.

Taste of the wine are not.

Be that not my tongue so much elegance.

But it's that contains surely.

From Tuscany.

All is written on the back in Italian.

I like this package.

It has been very properly.

Amazing! Amaretto! vanilla? Wrong.


I wish it different, not where I am writing from the Amaretto also.

do not know.

What I wonder is turned on.

I a little soft.

A little taste of the fruit? That's almonds.

Or pistachio? Taste of the pastry is.

I feel that delicious pastry buy Italian bakery.

But I never went.

I imaginative.

I'm sure I would be so.

This my favorite.

I love.

I guess What IGP.


International? Not a Italian? I see, Italian glossary Products? that's interesting.

It 's surely likely, Italian glossary Products Is it, Italian Glowing Product next The name, referred to as "Japan".

Japan! Do you really "Japan" of the? I'm sure, I have a different meaning in Italian.

For example, it Toka cookies.

But you know, But you know, It is made in Germany.

This wonder if something of Italy, or Germany? I do not know.

Do you know, everyone.

It may be this package.

I'm open like this.

My favorite type.

Because rice, be still "Japan".

I Maybe.

I like this.


It's delicious chocolate.

It contains milk chocolate of Raisupafu.

next, Fiesta.

Looks delicious.

It looks like a cake.

It cake covered with chocolate.

I think so.

It contains the sponge cake.

It looks good.

Kana bananas? It ish sake.

Containing the liquor.

It Rico Riche.

Ikeru with the party.

You do not go to be careful.

Very strong.

next, It Kinder.

It is, how toys in that? It 's not.

Remember me Italy I Kinder? Or Germany? Or, simply Europe? Maybe, that's "delicious".

This is also I-ish cake.

It is good.

This I do not drink is entered.

That contains the white filling.

Somehow, it tastes like milk, is medium.

I think so.

Very moist sponge cake Outside chocolate This is a very tasty.

Next, Rikuione? It kana Rico Riche of the? Do not know, this is.

It is written Nante.

Damedame, eat unless.

Delicious, delicious.

This is surely all right.

Rico Riche is not so strong.

How? I do not so much strong, This is delicious.

This is, it's one of my favorite.

Toffee Rico Irish taste for the first time.

This is, of him.

I get.

This is me.

Useless Damedame, it is divided.

This is also of me.

The following is given has no name.

It is shaped like a cane.

The color is black, It's seen somehow.

what is that? My favorite smell.

Such as the witch of the cane Such as the Harry Potter of the stick I Bloom stick, Do not know, it would be what.

It either, tobacco Oh, tobacco In addition, it is well, even if, important is, taste.

here you go.

You are at the bottom.

I towards the top.

It smells like curry.


Justin has to eat.

Out of the dog ate.


That's Rico Irish candy.

This is delicious.

This texture like it.

It is soft.

It is tough.

I guess between the hard and soft of.

I It is not incredibly hard.

Firm texture.

Kosi there? That's not it? That's not true.

You may eat? You want more? Strong teeth I The following is given, it came to a very beautiful box.

Bendi? bench? Toilet bowl? Toilet bowl! ! I understood the meaning of "toilet" in Japanese? It's there in the toilet.

This is, of course, is not a toilet bowl.

That contains a lot of variety of chocolate.

Do some're entered.

Seven are also entered Also seven in such a small box.

It contains the five types.

Let's eat immediately.

Eat this green? It is written Nante? I, Taste of something of nuts is.

Kana hazelnut? Maybe hazelnut, like the Nutella.

This really is contained in the nuts.

I clearly do not know.

This is kana hazelnut? Oh, it was written in English.

Milk, hazelnut.

Finally, Finally last.

To say that, because there are many other I one-third of the total.


Batchi? When asked as Japanese, it will be completely different meaning.

It is that "bee" is "bad luck".

"Batchi" is the sense that dirty.

"Bad luck" or or "dirty".

Which it is also not good sense.

But this is not in such a meaning.

The real story, Italian chocolate that I first ate is this.

Oh, I know.

I know that.

For the first time to eat was is, of Disney World at Epcot.

It was very delicious.

It was very fond.

I bought also another 12 boxes.

I ate all in one day.



It a hotel.

I liked much.

It contains two.

Was good.

Really like.

Not open.


It is good.


I think the Italian people and I like hazelnut.

Because it entered the all chocolate.

It's not almonds.

Oh, it was different.

Ah, After all hazelnut.

Praline and That's hazelnut.

Taste to remember at that time.

I When I first ate.

Why Europe of chocolate will do so delicious.

I'd say it is richer than the Japanese.

Really and truly.


And smooth.

really like.

Italian chocolate.

Monet of Germany.

Switzerland also.

I either but of.

Europe's really.

Today's food review was very fun.

We are past the satisfaction.

Which I liked best? That's a very difficult question.

This, that's phone THESE.

It will two and choosing.

Things of this bruschetta.

I, It Is rich.

Official Organic organization IGP (???) At the same, I this semolina cracker.

Rosemary flavor This is really amazing.

I thought now.

This Once immersed in this It is a good idea.

Bruschetta chip I also try to put the the pistachio.


Did today's Fu review how.

Please by all means let your impressions.

Which was the most delicious? Really Thank you Mr.


A lot of these great candy! It because you do immediately to be Part 2 is also 3.

Thank you very much.

See you.

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