Japanese Try Italian Foods and Snacks (Part 3)

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today! Welcome.

Is Shinichi.

It is Satoshi.

It is also a food review today.

Again today, it is Italy! Isostatic's really grateful for.

Thank you very much for a lot of delicious things.

Is the third time.

1st, 2nd still those who, I click the upper right corner of the (i).

There is also a lot today.

Let's start right away! Initially, It looks like a potato chips.

I think so.

"Gusto" is Even peperoncino.

Kana spicy of the? Maybe, maybe.

Oh, it is red.

Also in the package pepper and mint are written.

So, it's red.

It may smell.

It seems of barbecue sauce.

Very I good texture.

Really just good.

Thinness is just good.

Not too thin, Not too thick Too thick for the also too thin also will not like.

He is, I'm annoying to potato chips.

I had stopped eating for a while.

I until the meet to you from 17 years of age.

Really? For health? Health, or, that's right.

Because I was quite fat young, I like now.

I like right now.

Because of you.

I love.

Someday, we introduce the potato chips of quirky taste of Japan.

That's interesting.

It has a very interesting taste.

During the, eh! Even things like I think.

I really.

Toka beef tongue, Toka taste fruit, orange, Apple I feel that we reviewed last year to.

It is those fruits.

I did I did it.

Justin and.

In (I) above.

The following is, "crostini de Latini" Reading the back, this is one of Milan, There are various way of eating introduction, Or put in a soup, it may be as appetizers, and some.

It is that there is a lot of eating.

Cracker to the this taste ate the first time.


surprise! I wish such this only.

I think that delicious also put in a salad.

I like a crouton.

It would be delicious even put in tomato soup.

I can imagine a figure that floated.

Spice it has worked.

The following is a "plague" Pesto sauce.

I love this.

Both of them this love.

It's a long time ago was making well.

Not a made why now.

Here, there is a boiled fresh pasta.

Satoshi was boiled.

I think I want to eat along with the plague.

That's enough to test.

Entwined well with pasta, It entered full plague.

But he good.

We love plague.

I love this source.

How? delicious! Really delicious.

This plague, those of the company called "Bifi".

I guess is Milan.

There are from 1852.

It is a very history of a company.

I this, I love.


It would also delicious painted on top of the toast.

I think so.

I even Toka source to be applied to the fish.


This is anchovy source.

Both men but anchovy would love, Only to put on the pizza'm useless, I am.

Anchovies, spoiled pizza.

Only pizza? Only pizza.

Of course, I also I do not want to eat as it is.

Like to or to the source.

Salad dressing Toka Pasta and also love to eat.

So, Yes to better the pasta.

Try entwined this anchovy source.

I put just a little bit.

I think it is only put a little bit.

Not too much not too much.

Because there is a strong taste? So, generally it.

Looks delicious.

In Italian, "c'mon," What's this? Italy Have you been there? A.

But, only Venice.

Only by night.

This is also by delicious ~ Of course, it's the flavor of the fish, Very tasty.


Of huge source mass enters the mouth.

Well, it was Shoppaka'.

But you know, taste'm delicious.

Really delicious.

I wonder where should I use and how do the other.

Italy of you, please let me know.

Since still remaining lot.

I wrote in the comments.

The following are Tararini.

This it also looks like a cracker.

Likely to contain olive oil.

This cracker also seems to have been made in Milan.

Milan Have you been there? I do not.

And Venice, Florence, only Rome.


I'm only one night in Venice.

Only one night in Venice? It was not seen at all.

It was the way to somewhere.

It is the Italian experience? so.

So, now really want to go feeling.

I have to go to Germany.

To see all of Germany.

I have to go.

But I want to go even Italy! From Germany to Italy! Yeah.

Was a food review forget likely.

This reminds me of Italian bread.

Wonder if pasta of the? pasta? Farina is kana flour? delicious.

With a light taste.

But I thought it was harder, not really.

Isostatic san, be that was sent to me by I eat along with the pesto sauce.

So, I think to try to eat to do so.

A little while ago you put pesto sauce combined with pasta.

How? delicious.

It is less a man of words.

The following are Rizotteria.

This would be a thing of the Knorr.

Knorr also exists in Japan, It is very popular brand.

It is not risotto.

Yeah, no.

This requires preparation before eating.

Because it's right 15 minutes boil do.

It has passed 15 minutes.

How about that.

Creamy, I'm smell also it's very good.

Smell of porcini mushrooms is wonderful.

Must delicious.

First of all you eat.

I think delicious.

Rice is just good condition.

It has not been a limp.

And there are still crunchy, The taste is firm.


I'm firmly taste of Pol Tini mushroom.

But it is written in this package, Conservative and not, Wrong.

It preservative.

Preservative without, That's right not also be added artificial seasoning.

Of natural, It is eaten in 15 minutes.

I like this.

I wish good if there in Japan.

And then buy.

It is the Suites of time.

At first, "Grigsby" It is like a hazelnut cookies.

Notchiora is kana hazelnut of the? Is that so? ~ To.

do not know.

It will be appreciated by German.

Because I received a lot of food.

This I think was a hazelnut.

Outside cacao? Outside cacao.

Contents hazelnut.

Hazelnut cream.

Very tasty.

Next to it is located in the very beautiful cans.

Wonder if this is, the company referred to as "Leone"? But 1857 is so.

This It is also the historic company.

When it opened, Very colorful inside.

Well, eat white one.

I pink.

That's a surprise.


Yours softer? hard.

It is hard? Much mine is caught in the teeth.

Try to eat the white.

It really, white's hard.

What is this? What this is.

Maybe, I think candy.

Pink is soft.

English was written.

From 1857, Leone has come to provide an elegant taste.

And wonderful candy flavor made with a type of traditional copper, features a beautiful package.

It looks like a very famous candy.

Try to eat the green.

Either hard or soft.

I've got a lot of color.

Green, yellow, White is still in the mouth.

Are The second was already gone? This green is very tasty.

I wonder if something of the fruit of the taste? Try to eat the yellow.

I am of this salmon pink.


Wonder what the taste.

Visit to eat the orange.

Maybe, orange.

Orange aroma.

What, this is.

As perfume.

So, Yeah.

I think also, there was the like of perfume when you review the sweets of Germany.

But is a little bad way of explanation.

I do not know what to do explain the sweets of Europe.

Orange is really like a perfume.

Very tasty as soap.

The following is, TICTAC.

I think maybe this is, it's mint.

Because there is also in the United States.

My mother had to eat always.

It was like this was love.

I think maybe it's the same company.

TICTAC will wonder if the Italian company that for? delicious.

Orange as vitamin C.

What, feeling refreshed.

Flavor of this orange sounds good.

Whether the United States of TICTAC was so delicious, I do not remember.

The following is a famous Perujira.


I do not that this saw.

Very beautiful, brown-hazel color.

It's not as hard.

Bursting in the mouth.

It has entered something in.

What this taste.

That's milky.

Only one word that can be seen in this, caramel.

No difference in caramel.

At the same, latte.

Maybe, milk caramel.

Oh, it had been also written English.

Condensed milk, Hazelnut, almond, apricot that's interesting Apricot that are turned on? So I like.


The taste is very complex.

very delicious.

Alpine Ribe It looks to caramel.

Like caramel.

Like? I love you.

But so stick to the teeth, it is it.


tooth (singular)? It caramel.

The other day I was seen in YouTube, What do you pronounce Nantes this word, I.

Caramel or caramel or me.

I've been saying caramel.

How is everyone? How about you pronounce the right? I want to know.

Caramel in Japan.

Kana was able to correctly pronounce.


isostatic, next is the last.

Thank you a lot.

The following is a thing called football.

Wonder if the company that because VIDAL? It looks like football.

America is called the soccer ball.

It has been very well-designed.

It looks like a soccer ball for the doll.

Would be what kind of taste.

It bubblegum.

Bubble gum? See sniffing smell Fruit's ish smell.

Oh, it is true.

Bubble gum.


What is inside? cavity? Mon's ball.

It contains something.

The was something Nebatto.

Brown's is.

It there is a sour taste a little.

Eat try.

I put in a whole mouth once you.

Very hard.

Hard gum? Because, mon's football.

Wonder may Speaking of what kind of taste.

Hey, it ish artificial.

Artificial? It is, which was like the best? Which is bought most, it difficult.

Pesto sauce! You choose the plague.

I always, I love pesto.

Me too.

What I liked is, risotto? So, risotto.

I love this porcini risotto.

I want to eat more.

This is really your delicious.

I much I can not believe it.


isostatic, really, thank you so much those of a lot! Sweet, had each containing a well-balanced those that do not.

Really good thing is a lot, is not fully appreciate.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And, it gave me a look, Thank you very much.

If Is you is when I sit here, that which was wanted to eat the most? The first time those who visit, also by all means, please subscribe.

If it has not become a 1 and 2 still can see, I click the upper right corner of the (i).

Thank you very much.

The please good day.

Also let's take your eye.

Well then, See you tomorrow! What is goodbye in Italian?.

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