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King Mon: Amazing, it is so expeditious Yaknow first time innah mi life.

Yeah mon It ah come from heaven straight.

yeah mon.

Bogie:wah u haffi say about di food so nice, nice like ah, this is more than a special mealto me right now the way it's spicy and nice.

Azaad:This right here, This right here, as the brother said it's a taste of heaven, heaven on earthya know, nurturing for the temple I give thanks for this food it looks delicious and it tasteequal just as much as it looks it taste good.

Give thanks.

Beatuiful Womban: Okay, well,I've eaten more than these gentleman as you can tell so, what can I say to top what theysaid, just check mi back afta mi done eat and hopefully mi plate still deya.

di foodnice very very nice thank you Beautiful.

Mi might eat the plate too so check back andsee what's left yeah respect and thank you.

Akashi:Thank you.

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